Émile Léonard Mathieu

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Émile Léonard Mathieu
Born(1835-05-15)15 May 1835
Metz, France
Died19 October 1890(1890-10-19) (aged 55)
Nancy, France
Scientific career

Émile Léonard Mathieu (French: [matjø]; 15 May 1835, Metz – 19 October 1890, Nancy) was a French mathematician.[1] He is known for his work in group theory and mathematical physics. He has given his name to the Mathieu functions, Mathieu groups and Mathieu transformation. He authored a treatise of mathematical physics in 6 volumes. Volume 1 is an exposition of the techniques to solve the differential equations of mathematical physics, and contains an account of the applications of Mathieu functions to electrostatics. Volume 2 deals with capillarity. Volumes 3 and 4 deal with electrostatics and magnetostatics. Volume 5 deals with electrodynamics, and volume 6 with elasticity. The asteroid 27947 Emilemathieu was named in his honour.

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