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Ýolöten is located in Turkmenistan
Location in Turkmenistan
Coordinates: 37°18′N 62°21′E / 37.300°N 62.350°E / 37.300; 62.350Coordinates: 37°18′N 62°21′E / 37.300°N 62.350°E / 37.300; 62.350
Country Turkmenistan
ProvinceMary Province
CityÝolöten District
 • Total37,705
Time zoneUTC+5 (+5)

Ýolöten or Ioloten ('Way passes over the)' (Russian: Ёлётен, Turkmen: یوْلؤتن) is a town and capital of Ýolöten District in the Mary Province of Turkmenistan. The city is located in the delta of the Murgab River, 55 kilometers southeast of the Mary, Turkmenistan. Ýolöten lies on the railway line of Mary - Serhetabat. In 1989 the town had a population of 18,644, with a total of some 35,000 in the town and surrounding district.[1]The 2009 estimate is 37,705. The city status given in 1939.


Economically it is an important town in the oil and gas industries with oil fields such as the South Yoloten Field. A study by British firm Gaffney, Cline & Associates has revealed that the South Ýolöten-Osman gas field, located south of the town ranks among the world’s five biggest, with possible reserves of 4 tcm to 14 tcm of gas.[2]

The crude oil extracted at Ýolöten is transported to the Seýdi Oil Refinery. In the first half of 2006 the Seýdi oil refinery produced 446 thousand tons of oil products.

Neighboring Iran is a major importer of Turkmen gas extracted from the Ýolöten area. Some 10 billion cubic meters of gas will be exported to Iran per year from the Ýolöten gas field in the future due to a 2009 agreement between the governments of Iran and Turkmenistan involving people such as Gholam Hossein Nozari, the Iranian Minister of Oil and the Turkmen Deputy Prime Minister, Täçberdi Tagyýew.[2]

In the district around Ýolöten the growing of cotton and rearing of cattle is also of note. There is also a Research Institute for plant breeding and seed production of fine cotton.

In the city of Ýolöten there is a monument which features the letters of Ýolöten on individual boards in brown and pale orange shade with a pictorial background. The streets of Ýolöten are lined with trees, and its main street is a boulevard, with two rows of trees running right through the middle. There is also a hydroelectric dam in the area.


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