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Place of originCzech Republic
Main ingredientsApples, rohlík or veka

Žemlovka (Moravian dialect: zemlbába) is a sweet bread pudding made of apples and rohlíks or veka which are soaked by sweet milk.

Another variant uses pears instead of apples. The meal is a traditional part of Czech and Slovak cuisine and often appears in canteen offer.


Rohlík or veka are sliced and are immersed in into milk that is flavoured by sugar, vanilla sugar and ground cinnamon. A layer of wet pastry is put in the bottom of a roaster; a layer of fruit is spread on top. Several layers are stacked; the top layer is always pastry.

Fruit is sprinkled with sugar or raisins. The mixture is baked until a golden crust forms on the top.

The žemlovka can be eaten both warm and cold.