101st Division (Philippines)

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101st Division
101st Philippine Division Emblem 1941-42.jpg
101st Philippine Division Emblem 1941-42
Active1941 - 10 May 1942
Country Commonwealth of the Philippines
BranchPhilippine Army
TypeInfantry Division
Part ofVisayan-Mindanao Force
EngagementsWorld War II
Col. (later BGen.) Joseph P. Vachon

WWII Philippine Army Divisions
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The 101st Infantry Division was a division of the Philippine Army under the United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE).



It was active from 1941 to 10 May 1942, whereupon it surrendered after Corregidor fell. It was active in Mindanao. Col. (later BGen.) Joseph P. Vachon (USA) was the division's commander, and Vachon simultaneously commanded the Cotabato-Davao Force, Mindanao Force.

Combat Narrative[edit]

After the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in December 1941, it formed part of Visayan-Mindanao Force under Brigadier General (later Major General) William F. Sharp, HQ originally at Cebu City.

Order of battle[edit]

  • 101st Infantry Regiment (PA) (LCol. John H. McGee)
  • 102nd Infantry Regiment (PA)
  • 103rd Infantry Regiment (PA) (Maj. Joseph R. Webb) (transferred to 102nd Division (PA))
  • 104th Provisional Infantry Regiment (PA)
  • 101st Field Artillery Regiment (PA)
    • 101st FA Regt HQ Company (PA)
    • 1st Bn/101st FA Regt (PA) (2.95-inch pack howitzers, 4x) (guns & ammo never arrived; sunk on the SS Corregidor, 17 Dec 41)
    • 2nd Bn/101st FA Regt (PA)
    • 3rd Bn/101st FA Regt (PA)
  • 101st Engineer Battalion (PA)
  • 101st Division Units (PA)
    • 101st Division Headquarters & HQ Company (PA)
    • 101st Medical Battalion (PA)
    • 101st Signal Company (PA)
    • 101st Quartermaster Company (Motorized) (PA)
    • 101st QM Transport Company (Truck) (PA)


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