113th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)

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113. Infanterie-Division
German 113th Infantry Division
113th Infanterie Division Logo.svg
Active10 December 1940 – 25 November 1943
Disbanded25 November 1943
Country Nazi Germany
Garrison/HQFirst: Passau
Later: Prague
EngagementsWorld War II

The 113th Infantry Division was an infantry division created on 10 December 1940 in Grafenwöhr. The division was annihilated in the Battle of Stalingrad and reformed on 21 March 1943 in occupied France. The remains of the division were transferred to the Divisions-Gruppe 113 of the 337th Infantry Division after the battle at Newel in November 1943.


Structure of the division:[1]

  • Headquarters
  • 260th Infantry Regiment
  • 261st Infantry Regiment
  • 268th Infantry Regiment
  • 87th Artillery Regiment
  • 113th Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 113th Tank Destroyer Battalion
  • 113th Engineer Battalion
  • 113th Signal Battalion
  • 113th Divisional Supply Group

Commanding officers[edit]


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