132nd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)

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132. Infanterie-Division
German 132nd Infantry Division
132nd Infanterie Division Logo.svg
Country Nazi Germany
SizeDivision 15,000 Soldiers
ColorsRed and Yellow
EngagementsWorld War II

The 132nd Infantry Division (German: 132. Infanterie-Division) was a German division in World War II. It was formed on 5 October 1940 in Landshut and was destroyed in the Courland Pocket in 1945.

In May 1941 the units of this division participated in the suppression of the Đurđevdan uprising.


Structure of the division:[1][2]

  • Headquarters
  • 132nd Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 436th Infantry Regiment
  • 437th Infantry Regiment
  • 438th Infantry Regiment
  • 132nd Engineer Battalion
  • 132nd Artillery Regiment
  • 132nd Tank Destroyer Battalion
  • 132nd Signal Battalion
  • 132nd Divisional Supply Group

Commanding officers[edit]


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