1688 Smyrna earthquake

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1688 Smyrna earthquake
1688 Smyrna earthquake is located in Turkey
1688 Smyrna earthquake
Local date10 July 1688 (1688-07-10)
Local time11:45
Magnitude7.0 Ms
Epicenter38°24′N 26°54′E / 38.4°N 26.9°E / 38.4; 26.9Coordinates: 38°24′N 26°54′E / 38.4°N 26.9°E / 38.4; 26.9[1]
Areas affectedTurkey
Max. intensityX (Extreme)

The 1688 Smyrna earthquake occurred at 11:45 on 10 July. It had an epicenter close to Izmir, Turkey. It had an estimated magnitude of 7.0 Ms, with a maximum felt intensity of X (Extreme) on the Mercalli intensity scale, and caused about 16,000 casualties.


When the city was rebuilt, houses were mainly built of wood, apart from the foundations and the base of the walls where stone was used. This made the reconstructed buildings more resistant to future earthquakes.[2]

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