1732 Montreal earthquake

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1732 Montreal earthquake
1732 Montreal earthquake is located in Quebec
1732 Montreal earthquake
1732 Montreal earthquake is located in Canada
1732 Montreal earthquake
Local date September 16, 1732 (1732-09-16)
Local time11:00 a.m.
Magnitude5.8 Mw
Epicenterapprox. 45°30′N 73°36′W / 45.5°N 73.6°W / 45.5; -73.6
Areas affectedCanada (New France)
Max. intensityVIII–IX[1]
Casualties1 reported, not enough evidence found[2]

The 1732 Montreal earthquake was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck New France at 11:00 a.m. on September 16.[1] The shaking associated with this earthquake shook the city of Montreal with significant damage, including destroyed chimneys, cracked walls and 300 damaged houses,[2] as well as 185 buildings destroyed by fire following the earthquake.[3] A girl was reported killed from the seismic activity, although Gabriel Leblanc found present information could not substantiate the claim, especially since, if the death was true, it should have been but was not mentioned in the description of the natural disaster by Sister Cuillerier, a staff member of the Hotel Dieu Hospital.[1] The 1732 Montreal earthquake is one of the major earthquakes that occurred in the Western Quebec Seismic Zone.[4]

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