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  • Phillis Wheatley advertises six times in the Boston Evening Post & General Advertiser for subscribers to a volume of poetry she proposes to publish, but the volume never appears, apparently for lack of support; United States[1]

Works published[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

  • William Cowper and John Newton, Olney Hymns, 66 by Cowper (marked "C" to distinguish them from Newtown's), another 282 by Newton; the work was popular, with many editions published[2]
  • Robert Fergusson, Poems on Various Subjects, Part 2 of Poems 1773[2]
  • William Hayley, Epistle to Admiral Keppel, published anonymously[2]
  • Samuel Johnson, Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, to the Works of the English Poets (published from this year through 1781), in 10 volumes, with later editions titled Lives of the English Poets; 52 critical biographies[2]
  • Ann Murry, Poems on Various Subjects[2]

United States[edit]


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