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Works published[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Hannah Cowley, The Maid of Aragon, Part 1 (complete work first published in The Works of mrs Cowley 1813)[1]
  • George Crabbe, The Candidate, published anonymously in July[1]
  • Herbert Croft, The Abbey of Kilkhampton; or, Monumental Records for the Year 1980, published anonymously; satirical epitaphs on contemporary public figures[1]
  • Susannah Harrison, Songs in the Night, "By a Young Woman Under Deep Afflictions", the book went into 15 editions by 1823[1]
  • William Hayley, An Essay on History[1]
  • Anna Seward, Elegy on Captain Cook, on James Cook, who died February 13, 1779, in Hawaii[1]

United States[edit]

  • John Andre, "Cow-Chace, in Three Cantos, Published on Occasion of the Rebel General Wayne's Attack of the Refugees Block-House on Hudson's river, on Friday the 21st of July, 1780[2]
  • Joel Barlow, An Elegy on the Late Honorahble Titus Hosmer[2]
  • Samuel Dexter, The Progress of Science[2]
  • Timothy Dwight IV, attributed, America: or, A Poem on the Settlement of the British Colonies[2]
  • Jonathan Odell, attributed, "The American Times"[2]



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