1827 Kentucky's 11th congressional district special elections

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Two special elections were held in Kentucky's 11th congressional district in 1827 to fill a single vacancy.


In the 1827 elections, William S. Young (A) was re-elected to a 2nd term, but died on September 20, 1827[1] before Congress assembled. A special election was called to fill the resultant vacancy, held on November 5, 1827

November election[edit]

Candidate Party Votes[2] Percent
John Calhoon Anti-Jacksonian 2,290 57.6%
Thomas Chilton Jacksonian 1,685 42.4%

The vote of one county had been thrown out, giving the election to Calhoon. By mutual agreement of both candidates, Calhoon subsequently resigned, and both Calhoon and Chilton petitioned the Governor to call a new election,[1] which was held on December 20, 1827.

December election[edit]

Candidate Party Votes[3] Percent
Thomas Chilton Jacksonian 3,146 50.7%
John Calhoon Anti-Jacksonian 3,063 49.3%

Chilton took his seat on January 11, 1828[1]

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