1844 United States presidential election in Delaware

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1844 United States presidential election in Delaware

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  Clay portrait.jpg James Knox Polk by George Peter Alexander Healy (National Portrait Gallery).jpg
Nominee Henry Clay James K. Polk
Party Whig Democratic
Home state Kentucky Tennessee
Running mate Theodore Frelinghuysen George M. Dallas
Electoral vote 3 0
Popular vote 6,271 5,970
Percentage 51.20% 48.75%

President before election

John Tyler

Elected President

James K. Polk

The 1844 United States presidential election in Delaware took place between November 1 and December 4, 1844, as part of the 1844 United States presidential election. Voters chose three representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for President and Vice President.

Delaware voted for the Whig candidate, Henry Clay, over Democratic candidate James K. Polk. Clay won the state by a narrow margin of 2.45%.


1844 United States presidential election in Delaware[1]
Party Candidate Running mate Popular vote Electoral vote
Count % Count %
Whig Henry Clay of Kentucky Theodore Frelinghuysen of New York 6,271 51.20% 3 100.00%
Democratic James K. Polk of Tennessee George M. Dallas of Pennsylvania 5,970 48.75% 0 0.00%
N/A Others Others 6 0.05% 0 0.00%
Total 12,247 100.00% 3 100.00%

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