1888 United States presidential election in North Carolina

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United States presidential election in North Carolina, 1888

← 1884 November 6, 1888 1892 →
Turnout20.40% of the total population Increase 1.24 pp[1]
  Grover Cleveland - NARA - 518139 (cropped).jpg Pach Brothers - Benjamin Harrison.jpg
Nominee Grover Cleveland Benjamin Harrison
Party Democratic Republican
Home state New York Indiana
Running mate Allen Thurman Levi P. Morton
Electoral vote 11 0
Popular vote 147,902 134,784
Percentage 51.79% 47.20%

President before election

Grover Cleveland

Elected President

Benjamin Harrison

The 1888 United States presidential election in North Carolina took place on November 6, 1888, as part of the 1888 United States presidential election. North Carolina voters chose eleven representatives, or electors, to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.[2]

North Carolina was won by the incumbent President Grover Cleveland (DNew York), running with the former Senator and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio Allen G. Thurman, with 51.79% of the popular vote, against former Senator Benjamin Harrison (R-Indiana), running with Levi P. Morton, the 31st governor of New York, with 47.20% of the vote.[2]

The Union Labor Party chose Alson Streeter, a former Illinois state representative, and Charles E. Cunningham as their presidential and vice-presidential candidates and received 0.01% of the vote. The Prohibition Party ran brigadier general Clinton B. Fisk and John A. Brooks and received 0.99% of the vote.


United States presidential election in North Carolina, 1888[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Grover Cleveland 147,902 51.79%
Republican Benjamin Harrison 134,784 47.20%
Prohibition Clinton Fisk 2,840 0.99%
Labor Alson Streeter 37 0.01%
Total votes 285,563 100.00%


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