1903 San Diego mayoral election

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1903 San Diego mayoral election
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← 1901 April 7, 1903 (1903-04-07) 1905 →
  Frank P Frary.jpg Mayor Wadham.jpg
Nominee Frank P. Frary James E. Wadham
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 1,469 1,312
Percentage 49.0% 43.7%

Mayor before election

Frank P. Frary

Elected Mayor

Frank P. Frary

The 1903 San Diego mayoral election was held on April 7, 1903 to elect the mayor for San Diego. Incumbent Mayor Frank P. Frary was reelected to a second term with a plurality of the votes.



Incumbent Mayor Frank P. Frary, a Republican, stood for reelection to a second two-year term. His reelection was contested by James E. Wadham, a Democrat, and Frank Simpson, a Socialist. Wadham ran on a Democratic Party platform that advocated for public ownership of gas and electricity as well as the development of pueblo lands.[1]

On April 7, 1903, Frary was reelected mayor with a plurality of 49.0 percent of the vote. Wadham came in second with 43.7 percent of the vote. This represented an 8.4 percent swing in the Democrat's favor compared to 1901, but was not enough to defeat Frary. Simpson came in third with 7.3 percent.[2][1]

Election results[edit]

San Diego mayoral election, 1903[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Frank P. Frary 1,469 49.0
Democratic James E. Wadham 1,312 43.7
Socialist Frank Simpson 219 7.3
Total votes 3,000 100


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