1914 Wisconsin gubernatorial election

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1914 Wisconsin gubernatorial election

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  Emanuel Lorenz Philipp (cropped).jpg Karel1912.jpeg
Nominee Emanuel Lorenz Philipp John C. Karel
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 140,787 119,509
Percentage 43.26% 36.72%

  John J. Blaine.jpg Oscar Ameringer.jpg
Nominee John J. Blaine Oscar Ameringer
Party Progressive Socialist
Popular vote 32,560 25,917
Percentage 10.01% 7.96%

County Results

Governor before election

Francis E. McGovern

Elected Governor

Emanuel L. Philipp

The 1914 gubernatorial election in Wisconsin was held on November 3, 1914. Republican candidate Emanuel Lorenz Philipp won the election with 43% of the vote, winning his first term of three terms as Governor of Wisconsin. Philipp defeated Democratic Party candidate John C. Karel, Progressive Party candidate John J. Blaine and Social Democratic candidate Oscar Ameringer.


The Republican Party (United States) backed Emanuel L. Philipp a railroad executive for his first of three successful campaigns, the Democratic Party (United States) backed John C. Karel a former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly and a failed candidate for Governor in 1912, the Progressive Party backed the future Governor, Senator and Attorney General of Wisconsin John J. Blaine and the Socialist Party of America backed Socialist editor, author, and organizer Oscar Ameringer.

Election Results[edit]

Gubernatorial election in Wisconsin, 1914 [1]
Party Candidate Running mate Votes Percentage
Republican Emanuel L. Philipp / Edward Dithmar 140,787 43.26%
Democratic John C. Karel 119,509 36.72%
Progressive John J. Blaine 32,560 10.01%
Socialist Oscar Ameringer 25,917 7.96%
Prohibition David W. Emerson 6,279 1.93%
Socialist Labour John Vierthaler 352 0.11%
Write-ins Write-ins 26 0.01%
Totals 434,340 100.00%
Republican hold Swing


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