1921 United States gubernatorial elections

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1921 United States gubernatorial elections

← 1920 October 28, 1921 (ND)
November 8, 1921 (VA)
1922 →

2 state governorships (including 1 recall election)
  Majority party Minority party
Party Republican Democratic
Last election 34 governorships 14 governorships
Seats before 34 14
Seats after 34 14
Seat change Steady Steady

     Democratic gain      Democratic hold
     Republican gain      Republican hold

United States gubernatorial elections were held in 1921, in two states.

Virginia holds its gubernatorial elections in odd numbered years, every 4 years, following the United States presidential election year.

In North Dakota, the first ever gubernatorial recall election was held.[1] Incumbent governor Lynn Frazier was the first American governor ever successfully recalled from office; there would not be another successful recall of a governor until California Governor Gray Davis was recalled in 2003.


State Incumbent Party Status Opposing Candidates
North Dakota (recall election)
(held, 28 October 1921)
Lynn J. Frazier R-NPL Defeated, 49.06% Ragnvald A. Nestos (R-IVA) 50.94%
(held, 8 November 1921)
Westmoreland Davis Democratic Term-limited, Democratic victory Elbert Lee Trinkle (Democratic) 66.15%
Henry W. Anderson (Republican) 31.24%
John Mitchell Jr. (Black and Tan Republican) 2.39%
John P. Goodman (Independent) 0.12%
Mrs. George Custis (Independent) 0.11%


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