1925 United States House of Representatives elections

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There were elections in 1925 to the United States House of Representatives:

District Vacator Reason for Vacancy Successor
New Jersey 3rd Vacant Rep. T. Frank Appleby died during previous congress Stewart H. Appleby (R) November 3, 1925
Massachusetts 5th John J. Rogers (R) Died March 28, 1925 Edith Nourse Rogers (R) June 30, 1925
Michigan 3rd Arthur B. Williams (R) Died May 1, 1925 Joseph L. Hooper (R) August 18, 1925
Massachusetts 2nd George B. Churchill (R) Died July 1, 1925 Henry L. Bowles (R) September 29, 1925
Kentucky 3rd Robert Y. Thomas, Jr. (D) Died September 3, 1925 John W. Moore (D) December 26, 1925
California 4