1929 United States House of Representatives elections

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There were elections in 1929 to the United States House of Representatives:

Elections are listed by date and district.

District Incumbent This race
Representative Party First elected Results Candidates
Kentucky 3 Charles W. Roark Republican [data unknown/missing] Incumbent died April 5, 1929.
New member elected June 1, 1929.
Democratic gain.
Pennsylvania 12 John J. Casey Democratic [data unknown/missing] Incumbent died May 5, 1929.
New member elected June 1, 1929.
Republican gain.
Minnesota 5 Walter Newton Republican [data unknown/missing] Incumbent resigned June 30, 1929, after being appointed secretary to President Herbert Hoover.
New member elected July 17, 1929.
Republican hold.
Louisiana 3 Whitmell P. Martin Democratic [data unknown/missing] Incumbent died April 6, 1929.
New member elected August 6, 1929.
Democratic hold.
Georgia 5 Leslie J. Steele Democratic [data unknown/missing] Incumbent died July 24, 1929.
New member elected October 2, 1929.
Democratic hold.
Minnesota 7th Ole J. Kvale Farmer–Labor [data unknown/missing] Incumbent died September 11, 1929.
New member elected October 16, 1929.
Farmer–Labor hold.
New York 21 Vacant Incumbent member-elect Royal H. Weller died during previous congress.
New member elected November 5, 1929.
Democratic gain.