1931 Philippine House of Representatives elections

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Philippine House of Representatives elections, 1931

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All 86 seats in the House of Representatives of the Philippines
44 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
  Manuel Roxas.jpg
Leader Manuel Roxas
Party Nacionalista Consolidado Democrata
Leader's seat Capiz–1st
Last election 71 16
Seats won 68 13
Seat change Decrease 3 Decrease 3

Speaker before election

Manuel Roxas

Elected Speaker

Manuel Roxas

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The Elections for the Members of the House of Representatives were held on June 2, 1931 pursuant to the Philippine Organic Act of 1902 which prescribed elections for every three years. The ruling Nacionalista Consolidado retained their majority in the House of Representatives.


68 13 5
Nacionalista Consolidado Democrata IND
e • d Summary of the June 2, 1931 Philippine House of Representatives election results
Party Seats won
Total % +/−
Nacionalista Consolidado 68 79.07% Decrease 3
Democrata 13 15.12% Decrease 3
Independent 5 5.81% Decrease 2
Total 86 100% Decrease 8
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