1953–54 Cypriot Second Division

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Cypriot Second Division
ChampionsAris Limassol FC
(1st title)
PromotedAris Limassol FC

The 1953–54 Cypriot Second Division was the 1st season of the Cypriot second-level football league. Aris Limassol FC won their 1st title.[1]


Nine teams participated in the 1953–54 Cypriot Second Division. The league was split to two geographical groups, depending from Districts of Cyprus each participated team came from. All teams of a group played against each other twice, once at their home and once away. The team with the most points at the end of the season crowned group champions. The winners of each group were playing against each other in the final phase of the competition and the winner were the champions of the Second Division. The champion was promoted to 1954–55 Cypriot First Division.

Teams received two points for a win, one point for a draw and zero points for a loss.

Stadiums and locations[edit]

Group Team Stadium
Limassol-Paphos Antaeus Limassol GSO Stadium
APOP Paphos FC GSK Stadium
Aris Limassol FC GSO Stadium
Doğan Türk Birliği GSO Stadium
Panellinios Limassol GSO Stadium
Nicosia-Famagusta-Larnaca Gençlik Gücü S.K. GSP Stadium (1902)
Nea Salamis Famagusta FC GSE Stadium
Demi Spor Larnaca GSZ Stadium (1928)
Mağusa Türk Gücü S.K. GSE Stadium

Nicosia-Famagusta-Larnaca Group[edit]

League standings
Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
1 Gençler Birliği SK 6 5 1 0 31 8 +23 11 Group Champions – Champions Playoff
2 Nea Salamis Famagusta FC 6 4 1 1 23 11 +12 9
3 Gençlik Gücü S.K. 6 2 0 4 13 23 −10 4
4 Mağusa Türk Gücü S.K. 6 0 0 6 5 30 −25 0
Source:[citation needed]
Rules for classification: 1) Points, 2) Goal differences, 3) Goal for. Points system: Won=2 points, Drawn=1 point, Lost=0 points.
Gençlik Gücü 1–6 2–0
Nea Salamis 5–1 2–2 5–2
Demi Spor Larnaca 8–2 5–3
Mağusa Türk 0–2
Source:[citation needed]
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.

Limassol-Paphos Group[edit]

Aris Limassol FC was the champions.

Antaeus 6–1 1–1 1–0 2–0
APOP 4–3 3–0
Aris 1–0 3–1 4–0
Panellinios 0–4
Doğan Türk 0–0 1–1
Source:[citation needed]
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.

Champions Playoffs[edit]

Aris Limassol were the champions of the Second Division. Aris Limassol promoted to 1954–55 Cypriot First Division.


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