1957 Canada Cup

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1957 Canada Cup
Tournament information
Dates24–27 October
LocationKawagoe, Saitama, Japan
Course(s)Kasumigaseki Country Club
East Course
Format72 holes stroke play
combined score
Length6.895 yards (6.305 m)[1]
Field30 two-man teams
Torakichi Nakamura & Koichi Ono
← 1956
1958 →

The 1957 Canada Cup took place 24–27 October on the East Course at the Kasumigaseki Country Club in Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan.[2] It was the fifth Canada Cup event, which became the World Cup in 1967. The tournament was a 72-hole stroke play team event with 30 teams. These were the same 29 teams that had competed in 1956 with the addition of Thailand. Each team consisted of two players from a country. The combined score of each team determined the team results. The Japanese team of Torakichi Nakamura and Koichi Ono won by nine strokes over the American team of Jimmy Demaret and Sam Snead. The individual competition was won by Torakichi Nakamura, seven shots ahead of Gary Player, Sam Snead and Dave Thomas.[3]


Country Players
 Argentina Antonio Cerdá and Leopoldo Ruiz
 Australia Bruce Crampton and Peter Thomson
 Belgium Arthur Devulder and Flory Van Donck
 Brazil Mário Gonzalez and Juan Querrellos
 Canada Al Balding and Stan Leonard
 Chile Manuel Morales and Enrique Orellana
 Colombia Oswaldo de Vincenzo and Miguel Sala
 Denmark Henning Kristensen and Carl Paulsen
 Egypt Cherif El-Sayed Cherif and Mohamed Said Moussa
 England Peter Alliss and Ken Bousfield
 France Jean Garaïalde and François Saubaber
 West Germany Georg Bessner and Kaspar Marx
 Ireland Harry Bradshaw and Christy O'Connor Snr
 Italy Alfonso Angelini and Ugo Grappasonni
 Japan Torakichi Nakamura and Koichi Ono
 Mexico Felipe Galindo and Jose Palacios
 Netherlands Cees Cramer and Gerard de Wit
 New Zealand John Kelly and Ernie Southerden
 Philippines Leony Carrasco and Celestino Tugot
 Portugal Henrique Paulino and Fernando Silva
 Scotland Eric Brown and John Panton
 South Africa Harold Henning and Gary Player
 South Korea Park Myeong-chul and Yun Duk-choon
 Spain Carlos Celles and Ángel Miguel
 Sweden Ake Bergquist and Harry Karlsson
  Switzerland Jacky Bonvin and Robert Lanz
 Taiwan Chen Ching-Po and Hsieh Yung-yo
 Thailand Uthai Dabphavibul and Manb Debphavibul
 United States Jimmy Demaret and Sam Snead
 Wales Dai Rees and Dave Thomas



# Country Score To par
1  Japan 141-138-135-143=557 −19
2  United States 136-145-142-143=566 −10
3  South Africa 144-139-146-140=569 −7
4  Australia 145-139-145-143=572 −4
5  Wales 146-140-142-145=573 −3
6  Canada 145-144-141-146=576 E
7  England 146-140-148-145=579 +3
8  Brazil 146-145-144-146=581 +5
9  Argentina 147-146-147-146=586 +10
10  Scotland 150-150-149-138=587 +11
T11  Taiwan 149-151-152-143=595 +19
 Philippines 151-148-147-149=595
13  France 154-148-153-144=599 +23
T14  Belgium 151-151-153-148=603 +27
 Colombia 152-151-150-150=603
 Italy 150-157-152-144=603
17  New Zealand 154-149-156-146=605 +29
18  Sweden 149-154-155-148=606 +30
T19  Chile 154-163-146-148=611 +35
 Netherlands 153-153-151-154=611
21  Spain 154-152-155-152=613 +37
22  Egypt 156-157-152-150=616 +40
23  West Germany 155-151-158-159=623 +47
24  Mexico 158-154-161-153=626 +50
T25  Denmark 156-161-162-154=633 +57
 Thailand 154-163-162-154=633
27   Switzerland 164-157-161-153=635 +59
28  South Korea 164-161-161-151=637 +61

Harry Bradshaw of Ireland withdrew after 36 holes. Fernando Silva of Portugal withdrew after 54 holes.


International Trophy

# Player Country Score To par
1 Torakichi Nakamura  Japan 68-68-67-71=274 −14
T2 Gary Player  South Africa 73-69-71-68=281 −7
Sam Snead  United States 67-74-71-69=281
Dave Thomas  Wales 73-67-70-71=281
T5 Stan Leonard  Canada 71-71-70-71=283 −5
Koichi Ono  Japan 73-70-68-72=283



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Coordinates: 35°54′5″N 139°24′16″W / 35.90139°N 139.40444°W / 35.90139; -139.40444