1957 Indian presidential election

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1957 Indian presidential election

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  Food Minister Rajendra Prasad during a radio broadcast in Dec 1947 cropped.jpg No image.svg
Nominee Rajendra Prasad Chowdhry Hari Ram
Party Independent Independent
Home state Bihar Punjab
Electoral vote 459,698 2,672

President before election

Rajendra Prasad

Elected President

Rajendra Prasad

The Election Commission of India held indirect 2nd presidential elections of India on May 6, 1957. Dr. Rajendra Prasad won his re-election with 459,698 votes over his rivals Chowdhry Hari Ram who got 2,672 votes and Nagendra Narayan Das who got 2,000 votes. Rajendra Prasad, has been the only person, to have won and served two terms, as President of India.


Candidate Votes[1][2][3][4]
Rajendra Prasad 459,698
Chowdhry Hari Ram 2,672
Nagendra Narayan Das 2,000
Total 464,370


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