1958–59 European Cup

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1958–59 European Cup
Neckarstadion 2011 - 2.jpg
The Neckarstadion in Stuttgart hosted the final.
Tournament details
Dates26 August 1958 – 3 June 1959
Teams28 (26 competed)
Final positions
ChampionsSpain Real Madrid (4th title)
Runners-upFrance Reims
Tournament statistics
Matches played55
Goals scored199 (3.62 per match)
Attendance1,987,818 (36,142 per match)
Top scorer(s)France Just Fontaine (10 goals)

The 1958–59 European Cup was the fourth season of the European Cup, Europe's premier club football tournament. The competition was won by Real Madrid for the fourth time in a row, who beat Reims 2–0 in the final at Neckarstadion, Stuttgart, on 3 June 1959. The two finalists also competed in the final of the first European Cup in 1956.

This season was the first one in which Turkey sent its official national champion, and the first time of a Finnish participation. Olympiakos, Greece's first-ever entrants, withdrew for political reasons before playing their first tie. Spain continued to be represented by its runners-up, as its champions Real Madrid had already qualified as holders.

Preliminary round[edit]

The draw for the preliminary round took place in Cannes, France, on Wednesday, 2 July 1958.[1] As title holders, Real Madrid received a bye, and the remaining 27 teams were grouped geographically into three pots. The first drawn team in each pot also received byes, while the remaining clubs would play the preliminary round in September.

Pot 1
Western Europe
Pot 2
Central Europe
Pot 3
Eastern Europe
Drawn France
Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland
West Germany
Invitees Manchester United[2]
East Germany
Byes England Wolverhampton Wanderers Finland Helsingin Palloseura Bulgaria CDNA Sofia

The calendar was decided by the involved teams, with all matches to be played by 30 September.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Standard Liège Belgium 6–3 Scotland Hearts 5–1 1–2
Beşiktaş Turkey (w/o)1 Greece Olympiacos
Young Boys Switzerland (w/o)2 England Manchester United
NK Dinamo Zagreb Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 3–4 Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague 2–2 1–2
Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg 2–23 Sweden IFK Göteborg 1–2 1–0
Ards Northern Ireland 3–10 France Stade Reims 1–4 2–6
Wismut Karl Marx Stadt East Germany 4–44 Romania Petrolul Ploiești 4–2 0–2
Atlético Madrid Spain 13–1 Republic of Ireland Drumcondra 8–0 5–1
Polonia Bytom Poland 0–6 Hungary MTK Budapest 0–3 0–3
KB Denmark 5–55 West Germany Schalke 04 3–0 2–5
Juventus Italy 3–8 Austria Wiener Sport-Club 3–1 0–7
DOS Netherlands 4–6 Portugal Sporting CP 3–4 1–2

Note: Real Madrid, Wolverhampton Wanderers, CDNA Sofia and HPS received byes.

1 Olympiacos withdrew due to international political issues, refusing to play in Istanbul following the long-standing tension between Turkey and Greece.[3]

2 UEFA invited Manchester United to enter the competition after eight of the club's players were killed in the Munich air disaster while returning from a European Cup match in Belgrade the previous season; however, the Football League refused to allow the club to compete. As the draw had already been made for the preliminary round, Manchester United's drawn opponents, Young Boys, were given a bye to the first round of the competition. Instead, the two clubs played a pair of friendlies against each other, home and away; Young Boys won the first match 2–0 in Bern, but Manchester United won at Old Trafford a week later. The two clubs were again drawn together in the group stage of the 2018–19 UEFA Champions League, almost exactly 60 years after they were originally due to play.[4]

3 IFK Göteborg beat Jeunesse Esch 5–1 in a play-off to qualify for the first round.

4 Wismut Karl Marx Stadt beat Petrolul Ploieşti 4–0 in a play-off to qualify for the first round.

5 Schalke 04 beat KB 3–1 in a play-off to qualify for the first round.

First leg[edit]

KB Denmark3–0West Germany Schalke 04
Birkeland Goal 31'46'
Krog Goal 35'

Standard Liège Belgium5–1Scotland Hearts
Jadot Goal 17'85'
Piters Goal 34'
Bonga Goal 73'
Houf Goal 78'
Report Crawford Goal 14'
Attendance: 30,000

Dinamo Zagreb Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia2–2Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague
Lipošinović Goal 70'73' Report Borovička Goal 31'
Brumovský Goal 51'
Attendance: 25,000

Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg1–2Sweden IFK Göteborg
May Goal 20' Report Jonsson Goal 19'
B. Johansson Goal 72'

Ards Northern Ireland1–4France Stade Reims
Lawry Goal 87' Report Fontaine Goal 26'38'45'85'

Atlético Madrid Spain8–0Republic of Ireland Drumcondra
Peiró Goal 2'51'
Vavá Goal 6'61'
Collar Goal 56'76'
Mendonça Goal 63'67'

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt East Germany4–2Romania Petrolul Ploiești
Tröger Goal 25'
Viertel Goal 39'68'
Kaiser Goal 79'
Report Dridea Goal 7'82'

Polonia Bytom Poland0–3Hungary MTK Budapest
Report Sándor Goal 46'
Palotás Goal 73'80'
Attendance: 30,000

Juventus Italy3–1Austria Wiener Sport-Club
Sívori Goal 2'56'62' Report Horak Goal 8'

DOS Netherlands3–4Portugal Sporting CP
Temming Goal 48' (pen.)
van der Linden Goal 52'
Luiten Goal 88'
Report Ivson Goal 31'83'
Hugo Goal 41'
Vasques Goal 55'
Attendance: 20,000
Referee: John Clough (England)

Second leg[edit]

Hearts Scotland2–1Belgium Standard Liège
Bauld Goal 55'65' Report Givard Goal 58'

Standard Liège won 6–3 on aggregate

Schalke 04 West Germany5–2Denmark KB
Klodt Goal 25'34'
Sadlowski Goal 46'
Nowak Goal 70'
Brocker Goal 72'
Report Andersen Goal 53'66'

KB 5–5 Schalke 04 on aggregate

Schalke 04 West Germany3–1Denmark KB
Klodt Goal 57'86'
Nowak Goal 66'
Report Krahmer Goal 90'
Attendance: 27,000

Schalke 04 won play-off 3–1.

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt 4–4 Petrolul Ploiești on aggregate


Wismut Karl Marx Stadt won play-off 4–0.

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt East Germany4–0Romania Petrolul Ploiești
Zink Goal 4'
Tröger Goal 7'75' (pen.)
Wolf Goal 48'
IFK Göteborg Sweden0–1Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch
Report May Goal 21'
Attendance: 21,435

Jeunesse Esch 2–2 IFK Göteborg on aggregate

IFK Göteborg Sweden5–1Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch
Andersson Goal 37'
Berndtsson Goal 59'85'
B. Johansson Goal 68'
N. Johansson Goal 80'
Report Meurisse Goal 5'
Attendance: 11,780
Referee: Jarl Hansen (Denmark)

IFK Göteborg won play-off 5–1.

Stade Reims France6–2Northern Ireland Ards
Piantoni Goal 10'40'
Fontaine Goal 14'16'
Bliard Goal 20'74'
Report Lawther Goal 10'
Quee Goal 28'

Stade Reims won 10–3 on aggregate

Wiener Sport-Club Austria7–0Italy Juventus
Skerlan Goal 24'
Hamerl Goal 34'38'64'80'
Hof Goal 82'85'
Attendance: 20,000

Wiener Sport-Club won 8–3 on aggregate

Dukla Prague Czechoslovakia2–1Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Dinamo Zagreb
Dvořák Goal 30'
Vacenovský Goal 71'
Report Gašpert Goal 45'
Attendance: 10,000

Dukla Prague won 4–3 on aggregate

Drumcondra Republic of Ireland1–5Spain Atlético Madrid
Fullam Goal 51' (pen) Report Peiró Goal 16'67'
Csóka Goal 19'
Collar Goal 45'
Vavá Goal 86'
Attendance: 20,000

Atlético Madrid won 13–1 on aggregate

MTK Budapest Hungary3–0Poland Polonia Bytom
Molnár Goal 41'
Palotás Goal 58'75'

MTK Budapest won 6–0 on aggregate

Sporting CP Portugal2–1Netherlands DOS
Ivson Goal 48'76' Report Krommert Goal 82'
Attendance: 40,000
Referee: John Kelly (England)

Sporting CP won 6–4 on aggregate

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Sporting CP Portugal 2–6 Belgium Standard Liège 2–3 0–3
Wiener Sport-Club Austria 3–2 Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague 3–1 0–1
MTK Budapest Hungary 2–6 Switzerland Young Boys 1–2 1–4
Atlético Madrid Spain 2–21 Bulgaria CDNA Sofia 2–1 0–1
IFK Göteborg Sweden 2–6 East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt 2–2 0–4
Wolverhampton Wanderers England 3–4 West Germany Schalke 04 2–2 1–2
Real Madrid Spain 3–1 Turkey Beşiktaş 2–0 1–1
Reims France 7–0 Finland HPS 4–0 3–0

1 Atlético Madrid beat CSKA Sofia 3–1 in a playoff to qualify for the quarter-finals.

First leg[edit]

Sporting CP Portugal2–3Belgium Standard Liège
Bolzée Goal 23' (o.g.)
Mendes Goal 80'
Report Paeschen Goal 10'
Jadot Goal 69'
Mallants Goal 70'

Wiener Sport-Club Austria3–1Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague
Hof Goal 22'
Hamerl Goal 47'
Knoll Goal 57'
Report Pluskal Goal 83'
Attendance: 50,000

MTK Budapest Hungary1–2Switzerland Young Boys
Molnár Goal 66' Report Wechselberger Goal 64'
Zahnd Goal 80'
Attendance: 20,000

Atlético Madrid Spain2–1Bulgaria CDNA Sofia
Vavá Goal 60'
Peiró Goal 79'
Report Dimitrov Goal 77'

IFK Göteborg Sweden2–2East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt
Ohlsson Goal 5'
Andersson Goal 31'
Report Seifert Goal 61'
Zink Goal 67'
Attendance: 13,978
Referee: Jósef Kowal (Poland)

Wolverhampton Wanderers England2–2West Germany Schalke 04
Broadbent Goal 52'65' Report Siebert Goal 25'
Koslowski Goal 88'
Attendance: 45,676

Real Madrid Spain2–0Turkey Beşiktaş
Santisteban Goal 57'
Kopa Goal 90'

Reims France4–0Finland HPS Helsinki
Vincent Goal 22'35'85'
Siatka Goal 89'

Second leg[edit]

Standard Liège Belgium3–0Portugal Sporting CP
Paeschen Goal 47'
Houf Goal 67'
Mallants Goal 74'

Standard Liège won 6–2 on aggregate

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt East Germany4–0Sweden IFK Göteborg
Zink Goal 23'82'
Kaiser Goal 50'62'
Attendance: 25,000

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt won 6–2 on aggregate

Schalke 04 West Germany2–1England Wolverhampton Wanderers
Kördell Goal 12'
Siebert Goal 35'
Report Jackson Goal 48'

Schalke 04 won 4–3 on aggregate

Dukla Prague Czechoslovakia1–0Austria Wiener Sport-Club
Masopust Goal 60' Report
Attendance: 30,000

Wiener Sport-Club won 3–2 on aggregate

Young Boys Switzerland4–1Hungary MTK Budapest
Wechselberger Goal 13'60'
Meier Goal 40'
Allemann Goal 81'
Report Molnár Goal 85'
Attendance: 28,000

Young Boys won 6–2 on aggregate

CDNA Sofia Bulgaria1–0Spain Atlético Madrid
Panayotov Goal 64' Report

Atlético Madrid 2–2 CDNA Sofia on aggregate

Atlético Madrid Spain3–1 (a.e.t.)Bulgaria CDNA Sofia
Vavá Goal 42'108' (pen.)
Callejo Goal 99'
Report Yanev Goal 17'
Attendance: 30,000

Atlético Madrid won play-off 3–1.

Beşiktaş Turkey1–1Spain Real Madrid
Kaya Goal 64' Report Santisteban Goal 13'
Attendance: 30,000
Referee: Cesare Jonni (Italy)

Real Madrid won 3–1 on aggregate

HPS Helsinki Finland0–3France Reims
Report Fontaine Goal 2'10'
Lintamo Goal 8' (o.g.)

Reims won 7–0 on aggregate


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Standard Liège Belgium 2–3 France Reims 2–0 0–3
Atlético Madrid Spain 4–1 West Germany Schalke 04 3–0 1–1
Wiener Sport-Club Austria 1–7 Spain Real Madrid 0–0 1–7
Young Boys Switzerland 2–21 East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt 2–2 0–0

1 Young Boys beat Wismut Karl Marx Stadt 2–1 in a playoff to qualify for the semi-finals.

First leg[edit]

Standard Liège Belgium2–0France Reims
Jadot Goal 65'
Givard Goal 71' (pen.)
Attendance: 36,000
Referee: John Kelly (England)

Atlético Madrid Spain3–0West Germany Schalke 04
Vavá Goal 47'
Miguel Goal 73'
Peiró Goal 90'

Wiener Sport-Club Austria0–0Spain Real Madrid
Attendance: 80,000

Young Boys Switzerland2–2East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt
Meier Goal 22'
Rey Goal 87'
Report Wagner Goal 45'
Zink Goal 59'
Attendance: 32,000

Second leg[edit]

Reims France3–0Belgium Standard Liège
Piantoni Goal 70'
Fontaine Goal 73'88'

Reims won 3–2 on aggregate

Schalke 04 West Germany1–1Spain Atlético Madrid
Nowak Goal 1' Report Vavá Goal 90'

Atlético Madrid won 4–1 on aggregate

Real Madrid Spain7–1Austria Wiener Sport-Club
Mateos Goal 8'
Di Stéfano Goal 14'64'69'75'
Rial Goal 67'
Gento Goal 89'
Report Horak Goal 9'

Real Madrid won 7–1 on aggregate

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt East Germany0–0Switzerland Young Boys
Attendance: 30,000

Young Boys 2–2 Wismut Karl Marx Stadt on aggregate

Young Boys Switzerland2–1East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt
Meier Goal 21'
Wechselberger Goal 33'
Report Tröger Goal 75' (pen.)
Attendance: 20,000

Young Boys won play-off 2–1.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Young Boys Switzerland 1–3 France Reims 1–0 0–3
Real Madrid Spain 2–21 Spain Atlético Madrid 2–1 0–1

1 Real Madrid beat Atlético Madrid 2–1 in a playoff to qualify for the final

First leg[edit]

Young Boys Switzerland1–0France Reims
Meier Goal 15' Report
Attendance: 60,000

Real Madrid Spain2–1Spain Atlético Madrid
Rial Goal 15'
Puskás Goal 33' (pen.)
Report Chuzo Goal 13'

Second leg[edit]

Real Madrid 2–2 Atlético Madrid on aggregate

Real Madrid Spain2–1Spain Atlético Madrid
Di Stéfano Goal 16'
Puskás Goal 42'
Report Collar Goal 18'
Attendance: 20,000

Real Madrid won play-off 2–1.

Reims France3–0Switzerland Young Boys
Piantoni Goal 41'72'
Penverne Goal 47'

Reims won 3–1 on aggregate


The 1959 European Cup Final was played on 3 June 1959 at the Neckarstadion in Stuttgart, West Germany. Real Madrid's victory was their fourth consecutive title, maintaining their status as the only team to have won the competition. Reims were runners-up for a second time, having already lost to Real in the inaugural final in 1956.

Real Madrid Spain2–0France Reims
Mateos Goal 1'
Di Stéfano Goal 47'
Attendance: 72,000

Top scorers[edit]

The top scorers from the 1958–59 European Cup were as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 France Just Fontaine France Stade Reims 10
2 Brazil Vavá Spain Atlético Madrid 8
3 Spain Alfredo di Stéfano Spain Real Madrid 6
Spain Joaquín Peiró Spain Atlético Madrid 6
5 Spain Enrique Collar Spain Atlético Madrid 5
Austria Josef Hamerl Austria Wiener Sport-Club 5
France Roger Piantoni France Stade Reims 5
East Germany Klaus Zink East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt 5
9 Brazil Ivson Portugal Sporting 4
Belgium Jean Jadot Belgium Standard Liège 4
West Germany Bernhard Klodt West Germany Schalke 04 4
Switzerland Eugen Meier Switzerland Young Boys 4
Hungary Péter Palotás Hungary MTK Budapest 4
East Germany Willy Tröger East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt 4
Switzerland Ernst Wechselberger Switzerland Young Boys 4


  1. ^ Corriere dello Sport, 3 July 1958.
  2. ^ Manchester United was in pot 2 because they could not play against an English club before the round of 16.
  3. ^ Corriere dello Sport.
  4. ^ Gardner, Stewart (18 September 2018). "United's lost 'European Cup' tie with Young Boys". ManUtd.com. Manchester United. Retrieved 18 September 2018.

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