1967 Iranian legislative election

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1967 Iranian parliament election
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All 219 seats in the Majlis
30 seats in the Senate of Iran
  First party Second party Third party
  Amir Abbas Hoveida.jpg Assadollah Alam.jpg Mohsen Pezeshkpour.jpg
Leader Amir-Abbas Hoveyda Asadollah Alam Mohsen Pezeshkpour
Party New Iran Party People's Party Pan-Iranist Party
Majlis seats 180 31 5
Seat change Increase 40 Increase 15 Increase 5
Senate seats 26 4 0

Prime Minister before election

Amir-Abbas Hoveyda
New Iran Party

Elected Prime Minister

Amir-Abbas Hoveyda
New Iran Party

Parliamentary elections were held in Iran on 4 August 1967.[1] The result was a victory for the New Iran Party, which won 180 of the 219 seats in the Majlis. Voter turnout was around 35%.[2]

Simultaneous elections were also held for a Constitutional Assembly in order for amendments to be made to the constitution to designate a regent, as well as an election for Senate.[2]



Party Votes % Seats +/–
New Iran Party 180 +40
People's Party 31 +15
Pan-Iranist Party 5 +5
Independents 3 –41
Invalid/blank votes
Total 219 +19
Source: Nohlen et al.


Party Votes % Seats
New Iran Party 26
People's Party 4
Pan-Iranist Party 0
Independents 0
Appointed seats N/A N/A 30
Invalid/blank votes
Total 60
Source: IPU

Constitutional Assembly[edit]

Party Votes % Seats
New Iran Party 232
People's Party 30
Pan-Iranist Party 5
Independents 6
Invalid/blank votes
Total 273
Source: IPU


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