1968–69 Yorkshire Cup

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1968–69 Yorkshire Cup
StructureRegional knockout championship

The 1968–69 Yorkshire Cup was the sixty-first occasion on which the Yorkshire Cup competition had been held. Leeds won the trophy by beating Castleford by the score of 22-11. The match was played at Belle Vue, in the City of Wakefield, now in West Yorkshire. The attendance was 12,573 and receipts were £3,746.


This season there were no junior/amateur clubs taking part, no new entrants and no "leavers" and so the total of entries remained the same at sixteen.

This in turn resulted in no byes in the first round.

Competition and results[edit]


Round 1[edit]

Involved 8 matches (with no byes) and 16 Clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
1 Fri 6 Sep 1968 Doncaster 7-13 Halifax Bentley Road Stadium/Tattersfield
2 Sat 7 Sep 1968 Batley 12-11 York Mount Pleasant
3 Sat 7 Sep 1968 Bramley 5-24 Bradford Northern McLaren Field
4 Sat 7 Sep 1968 Dewsbury 5-6 Castleford Crown Flatt
5 Sat 7 Sep 1968 Hull F.C. 9-30 Leeds Boulevard [5]
6 Sat 7 Sep 1968 Hunslet 19-11 Huddersfield Parkside 1,500 [4]
7 Sat 7 Sep 1968 Wakefield Trinity 18-30 Hull Kingston Rovers Belle Vue 1 [6]
8 Sun 8 Sep 1968 Featherstone Rovers 21-10 Keighley Post Office Road

Round 2 - Quarterfinals[edit]

Involved 4 matches and 8 clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
1 Mon 16 Sep 1968 Hunslet 5-5 Castleford Parkside
2 Tue 17 Sep 1968 Featherstone Rovers 10-18 Leeds Post Office Road
3 Tue 17 Sep 1968 Halifax 14-10 Hull Kingston Rovers Thrum Hall
4 Wed 18 Sep 1968 Bradford Northern 17-8 Batley Odsal

Round 2 - Replays[edit]

Involved 1 match and 2 clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
R Wed 18 Sep 1968 Castleford 33-18 Hunslet Wheldon Road

Round 3 – Semifinals[edit]

Involved 2 matches and 4 clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
1 Sun 29 Sep 1968 Bradford Northern 15-16 Castleford Odsal
2 Thu 3 Oct 1968 Halifax 5-12 Leeds Thrum Hall


Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
Saturday 19 October 1968 Leeds 22-11 Castleford Belle Vue 12,573 £3,746 2 [7][8]

Teams and scorers[edit]

Leeds Castleford
Bev Risman 1 Derek Edwards
Alan Smith 2 Keith Howe
Syd Hynes 3 Ronald Hill
Bernard Watson 4 Tony Thomas
John Atkinson 5 David Stephens
Mick Shoebottom 6 Alan Hardisty (c)
Barry Seabourne 7 Danny Hargrave
Mick Clark (c) 8 Dennis Hartley
Tony Crosby 9 Clive Dickinson
Kenny Eyre 10 John Ward
Bill Ramsey 11 Peter Small
Albert Eyre 12 Brian Lockwood
Ray Batten 13 Malcolm "Mal" Reilly
John Langley 14 Glyn Jones
David Hick (for Bill Ramsey) 15 Michael Redfearn (for Brian Lockwood)
Roy Francis Coach Derek Turner
22 score 11
10 HT 8
Alan Smith (1) T Ronald Hill (1)
Bernard Watson (1) T
John Atkinson (1) T
David Hick (1) T
Bev Risman (5) G Ronald Hill (2)
G Alan Hardisty (2)
Referee Joe Manley (Warrington)
White Rose Trophy for Man of the match Barry Seabourne - Leeds - scrum-half
sponsored by

Scoring - Try = three (3) points - Goal = two (2) points - Drop goal = two (2) points


The road to success[edit]

First Round Second Round Semi Finals Final
Wakefield Trinity
New Blackpool
Bradford 8
Hull Kingston Rovers 5
Hull Kingston Rovers
Hull Kingston Rovers
Hull Kingston Rovers

Notes and comments[edit]

  1. The score in this match is given as 18-30 by RUGBYLEAGUEproject[1] but in "100 Years of Rugby. The History of Wakefield Trinity 1873-1973"[6] the score is given as 18-40 and is further described in the book as "Trinity's heaviest defeat at home in County Cup football and the highest score by any opponent on Trinity's ground for 10 years"
  2. Belle Vue is the home ground of Wakefield Trinity with a capacity of approximately 12,500. The record attendance was 37,906 on the 21 March 1936 in the Challenge Cup semi-final between Leeds and Huddersfield

General information for those unfamiliar[edit]

The Rugby League Yorkshire Cup competition was a knock-out competition between (mainly professional) rugby league clubs from the county of Yorkshire. The actual area was at times increased to encompass other teams from outside the county such as Newcastle, Mansfield, Coventry, and even London (in the form of Acton & Willesden.

The Rugby League season always (until the onset of "Summer Rugby" in 1996) ran from around August-time through to around May-time and this competition always took place early in the season, in the Autumn, with the final taking place in (or just before) December (The only exception to this was when disruption of the fixture list was caused during, and immediately after, the two World Wars)

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