1976–77 KNVB Cup

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Defending championsPSV
ChampionsFC Twente
Runners-upPEC Zwolle

The 59th edition of the KNVB Cup started on October 10, 1976. The final was played on May 19, 1977: FC Twente beat PEC Zwolle 3–0 (after extra time) and won the cup for the first time.


First round[edit]

The matches of the first round were played on October 10, 1976.

Home team Result Away team
Heracles 1 0–1 CVV Germanicus A
MVV 1 6–0 IJsselmeervogels A
RKC A 3–3 (p) PEC Zwolle 1
SC Veendam 1 1–2 FC Den Bosch 1
Vitesse Arnhem 1 10–0 RVC '33 A
FC Volendam 1 2–4 FC Wageningen 1
Willem II 1 (p) 0-0 SC Cambuur 1
Home team Result Away team
De Zwervers A 2–1 VV Noordwijk A
Excelsior 1 3–2 (aet) SC Amersfoort 1
FC Dordrecht 1 1–0 BSV Limburgia A
FC Vlaardingen 1 2–4 (aet) FC Groningen 1
Fortuna SC 1 4–2 (aet) CVV Rotterdam A
sc Heerenveen 1 2–1 (aet) VV Rheden A
Helmond Sport 1 0–2 [1] SVV 1

1 Eerste Divisie; A Amateur teams

Second round[edit]

The matches of the second round were played on November 21, 1976. The Eredivisie clubs entered the tournament this round.

Home team Result Away team
HFC Haarlem E 0–2 Roda JC E
MVV 4–1 De Zwervers
NAC E 1–0 sc Heerenveen
PEC Zwolle 2–0 FC Dordrecht
PSV E 1–0 Fortuna SC
SVV 1–1 (p) Willem II
Telstar E 3–1 Vitesse Arnhem
FC Wageningen 6–1 CVV Germanicus
Home team Result Away team
AZ'67 E 1–0 (aet) Sparta E
FC Amsterdam E 0–0 (p) Excelsior
FC Den Bosch 0–0 (p) FC Groningen
FC Den Haag E 3–0 FC VVV E
FC Twente E 2–1 Go Ahead Eagles E
FC Utrecht E 2–1 Ajax E
Feyenoord E 1–0 (aet) FC Eindhoven E
De Graafschap E 2–0 NEC E

E Eredivisie

Round of 16[edit]

The matches of the round of 16 were played between February 16 and 20, 1977.

Home team Result Away team
FC Den Haag (p) 1-1 Excelsior
FC Twente 1–0 Feyenoord
FC Utrecht 0–1 FC Groningen
De Graafschap 1–2 (aet) NAC
MVV 2–1 Willem II
PEC Zwolle 2–1 (aet) Telstar
PSV 3–2 FC Wageningen
Roda JC 0–1 (aet) AZ'67

Quarter finals[edit]

The quarter finals were played on March 9, 1977.

Home team Result Away team
FC Den Haag (p) 1-1 PSV
FC Groningen 1–2 (aet) AZ'67
FC Twente 1–0 NAC
PEC Zwolle 1–0 MVV


The semi-finals were played on April 27, 1977.

Home team Result Away team
FC Twente 1–0 (aet) AZ'67 (played at Den Bosch)
PEC Zwolle 2–1 (aet) FC Den Haag (played at Utrecht)


FC Twente 3–0 (aet) PEC Zwolle
Drost: 1–0
Mühren: 2–0
Jeuring: 3–0
May 19, 1977

FC Twente would play in the Cup Winners' Cup.

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  1. ^ Helmond Sport – SVV has also been reported as 1–2, see external link: RSSSF.

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