1983 World Championships in Athletics – Women's long jump

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These are the official results of the Women's Long Jump event at the 1983 IAAF World Championships in Helsinki, Finland. There were a total number of 34 participating athletes, with two qualifying groups and the final held on Sunday 14 August 1983. The qualification mark was set at 6.40 metres.


Gold East Germany Heike Daute-Drechsler
East Germany (GDR)
Silver Romania Anișoara Cușmir-Stanciu
Romania (ROU)
Bronze United States Carol Lewis
United States (USA)


Qualification Round
Group A Group B
13.08.1983 – ??:??h 13.08.1983 – ??:??h
Final Round
14.08.1983 – ??:??h


  • All results shown are in metres
Q automatic qualification
q qualification by rank
DNS did not start
NM no mark
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


Standing records prior to the 1983 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Anișoara Cușmir-Stanciu (ROU) 7.43 m June 4, 1983 Romania Bucharest, Romania
Event Record New event

Qualifying round[edit]

  • Held on Saturday 1983-08-13
1.  Carol Lewis (USA) 6.78 m
2.  Heike Daute-Drechsler (GDR) 6.65 m
3.  Robyn Lorraway (AUS) 6.65 m
4.  Tatyana Proskuryakova (URS) 6.63 m
5.  Vali Ionescu-Constantin (ROU) 6.44 m
6.  Jarmila Nygrýnová-Strejčková (TCH) 6.40 m
7.  Shonel Ferguson (BAH) 6.29 m
8.  Lena Wallin (SWE) 6.19 m
9.  Esmeralda de Jesus Garcia (BRA) 6.15 m
10.  Heidi Benserud (NOR) 5.92 m
11.  Jacinta Bartholomew (GRN) 5.77 m
12.  Marie-Ange Wirtz (SEY) 5.20 m
13.  Kim Mom (CAM) 4.90 m
 Sabine Everts (FRG) NM
 Arja Jussila (FIN) NM
 Nicole Tombezogo (CAF) NM
 Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) DNS

1.  Anișoara Cușmir-Stanciu (ROU) 6.76 m
2.  Zsuzsa Vanyek (HUN) 6.60 m
3.  Eva Murková (TCH) 6.57 m
4.  Helga Radtke (GDR) 6.53 m
5.  Jennifer Innis (GUY) 6.45 m
6.  Beverly Kinch (GBR) 6.43 m
7.  Gwen Loud (USA) 6.37 m
8.  Madeline de Jesús (PUR) 6.12 m
9.  Halcyon McKnight (JAM) 6.03 m
10.  Donghuo Huang (CHN) 5.90 m
11.  Rose Phillips-King (IVB) 5.40 m
12.  Traore Mariam (UPV) 4.90 m
 Mercy Mathews-Kuttan (IND) NM
 Christina Sussiek (FRG) NM
 Karen Nelson (CAN) DNS
 Glynis Nunn-Cearns (AUS) DNS
 Svetlana Zorina (URS) DNS


Med 1.png  Heike Daute-Drechsler (GDR) 7.27 m
Med 2.png  Anișoara Cușmir-Stanciu (ROU) 7.15 m
Med 3.png  Carol Lewis (USA) 7.04 m
4.  Tatyana Proskuryakova (URS) 7.02 m
5.  Beverly Kinch (GBR) 6.93 m
6.  Zsuzsa Vanyek (HUN) 6.81 m
7.  Eva Murková (TCH) 6.80 m
8.  Robyn Lorraway (AUS) 6.65 m
9.  Vali Ionescu-Constantin (ROU) 6.62 m
10.  Jarmila Nygrýnová-Strejčková (TCH) 6.56 m
11.  Jennifer Innis (GUY) 6.54 m
12.  Helga Radtke (GDR) 6.44 m