1987 Liberal Party of Australia leadership spill

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Liberal Party of Australia
leadership election, 1987
← 1985 18 July 1987 1989 →
  John howard.jpg Andrew Peacock.jpg
Candidate John Howard Andrew Peacock
Caucus vote 41 28
Percentage 59.43 40.57

Leader before election

John Howard

Elected Leader

John Howard

A spill of the leadership of the Liberal Party of Australia took place on 18 July 1987, following John Howard's loss in the 1987 federal election by previous leader Andrew Peacock. The spill was won by Howard against Peacock by 41 votes to 28.[1]

Peacock was then elected deputy leader with 36 votes over Fred Chaney with 24, Michael MacKellar with 6 and John Moore with 3.[1]


The following table gives the ballot results:

Name Votes Percentage
John Howard 41 59.43
Andrew Peacock 28 40.57


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