1992 United States presidential election in North Carolina

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United States presidential election in North Carolina, 1992

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  George H. W. Bush presidential portrait (cropped 2).jpg Bill Clinton.jpg RossPerotColor.jpg
Nominee George H. W. Bush Bill Clinton Ross Perot
Party Republican Democratic Independent
Home state Texas Arkansas Texas
Running mate Dan Quayle Al Gore James Stockdale
Electoral vote 14 0 0
Popular vote 1,134,661 1,114,042 357,864
Percentage 43.44% 42.65% 13.70%

County Results

President before election

George H. W. Bush

Elected President

Bill Clinton

The 1992 United States presidential election in North Carolina took place on November 3, 1992, and was part of the 1992 United States presidential election. Voters chose 9 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

North Carolina was very narrowly won by incumbent Republican President George H. W. Bush of Texas over his Democratic challenger, Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas. Bush took 43.44% of the vote to Clinton’s 42.65%, a margin of 0.79%. North Carolina was the second-closest state in this election behind neighboring Georgia.[1] This was also the first time since 1956 when North Carolina did not support the winning candidate. The same would also occur when it backed fellow losing Republican candidates Bob Dole four years later in 1996, along with Mitt Romney in 2012 as well.

Billionaire businessman Ross Perot, running as an Independent, finished in third, with 13.70% of the vote, a relatively strong showing for a third party candidate, and his second highest showing in the Southeast, behind only Florida.

Despite being from the South, Bill Clinton became the first Democrat to win the White House without carrying the state of North Carolina since 1844, before the Republican Party even started. As of the 2016 presidential election, the 1992 election constitutes the last occasion the following counties have supported a Democratic presidential nominee: Alleghany, Brunswick, Greene, Pamlico, Pender, Rockingham, Sampson and Yancey.[2]


United States presidential election in North Carolina, 1992[3]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Republican George H. W. Bush (incumbent) 1,134,661 43.44% 14
Democratic Bill Clinton 1,114,042 42.65% 0
Independent Ross Perot 357,864 13.70% 0
Libertarian Andre Marrou 5,171 0.20% 0
New Alliance Party Lenora Fulani (write-in) 59 0.00% 0
Natural Law Dr. John Hagelin (write-in) 41 0.00% 0
Socialist Workers Party James Warren (write-in) 12 0.00% 0
Totals 2,611,850 100.0% 14
Voter turnout 54.52%


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