1997 United States elections

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1997 United States elections
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Off-year elections
Election dayNovember 4
Congressional special elections
Seats contested3
Net seat changeRepublican +1
Gubernatorial elections
Seats contested2
Net seat change0
1997 Northern Mariana Islands gubernatorial election1997 New Jersey gubernatorial election1997 Virginia gubernatorial election1997 United States gubernatorial elections results map.svg
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1997 Gubernatorial election results map
  Republican gain   Republican hold
  No election

The 1997 United States elections were off-year elections were held on Tuesday, November 4, 1997, comprising 2 gubernatorial races, 3 congressional special elections, and a plethora of other local elections across the United States. No Senate special elections were held.

Federal elections[edit]

United States House of Representatives special elections[edit]

In 1997, three special elections were held to fill vacancies to the 105th United States Congress. They were for Texas's 28th congressional district, New Mexico's 3rd congressional district, and New York's 13th congressional district.

District Date Predecessor Winner Cause of vacancy
Texas 28 April 12, 1997 Frank Tejeda (D) Henry Bonilla (R) Died.
New Mexico 3[1] May 13, 1997 Bill Richardson (D) Bill Redmond (R) Resigned upon appointment as United States Ambassador to the United Nations.
New York 13 November 4, 1997 Susan Molinari (R) Vito Fossella (R) Resigned to become anchor of CBS This Morning.

State and local elections[edit]

Several statewide elections were held this year, most notably the gubernatorial elections in two U.S. States and one U.S. territory.

Gubernatorial elections[edit]

Two gubernatorial elections were held in 1997 in New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Virginia in which both seats were held by the Republican Party. Another gubernatorial race was held in the Northern Mariana Islands as well which resulted as a Republican gain.

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing candidates
New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman Republican Re-elected, 47.1% Jim McGreevey (Democratic) 46.0%
Murray Sabrin (Libertarian) 4.7%
Richard Pezzullo (Conservative) 1.5%
Madelyn Hoffman (Green) 0.4%
Michael Perrone (Independent) 0.3%
Robert Miller (Socialist Workers) 0.1%
Northern Mariana Islands[2] Froilan Tenorio Democratic Defeated, 27.27% Pedro Tenorio (Republican) 46.47%
Jesse Borja (Independent) 26.26%
Virginia George Allen Republican Term-limited, Republican victory Jim Gilmore (Republican) 55.8%
Don Beyer (Democratic) 42.6%
Sue DeBauche (Reform) 1.5%

Note: Candidates' vote percentages are rounded to the nearest tenth of one percent. Candidates earning 0.05% or more of the vote are included.

Mayoral elections[edit]

Elections were also held in Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Peoria, among several other cities in the country.


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