1999 Venezuelan Constituent Assembly election

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Constituent Assembly elections were held in Venezuela on 25 July 1999,[1] following a referendum on April on convening one. For the election two large coalitions were created; Polo Patriótico, which consisted of the Fifth Republic Movement, the Movement for Socialism, Fatherland for All, the Communist Party of Venezuela, the People's Electoral Movement and some other minor parties, and Polo Democrático consisting of Democratic Action, Copei, Project Venezuela and Convergencia.[2] The result was a victory for Polo Patriótico, which won 121 of the 128 seats, whilst an additional three seats were taken by representatives of indigenous communities elected by indigenous associations.[2] Despite the apparent high number of votes, voter turnout was only 46.2%, as each voter had 10 votes.[3]


Asamblea Nacional Constituyente Venezuela 1999.svg
Party Votes % Seats
Polo Patriótico 29,424,635 65.8 121
Polo Democrático 9,873,223 22.1 4
Other parties 5,423,183 12.1 3
Indigenous representatives 3
Invalid/blank votes 6,073,409
Total 50,794,450 100 131
Source: Nohlen


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