1st Wisconsin Legislature

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1st Wisconsin Legislature
Territorial Legislature 2nd
Legislative bodyWisconsin Legislature
Meeting placeWisconsin State Capitol
TermJune 5, 1848 – January 10, 1849
ElectionFebruary 1, 1848
Senate PresidentJohn Edwin Holmes
Party controlDemocratic
Assembly SpeakerNinian E. Whiteside
Party controlDemocratic
1stJune 5, 1848 – August 21, 1848

The First Wisconsin Legislature convened from June 5, 1848, to August 21, 1848, in regular session. Members of the Assembly and Senate were elected after an election on February 1, 1848, that ratified the proposed state constitution.

Major events[edit]

Major legislation[edit]

Party summary[edit]


Senate partisan composition
  Democratic: 16 seats
  Whig: 3 seats
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Free Soil Whig Vacant
1st Session 16 0 3 19 0
Final voting share 84% 0% 16%
Beginning of the next Legislature 14 1 4 19 0


Assembly partisan composition
  Democratic: 49 seats
  Whig: 17 seats
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Free Soil Whig Vacant
1st Session 49 0 17 66 0
Final voting share 74% 0% 26%
Beginning of the next Legislature 35 14 17 66 0


  • 1st Regular session: June 4, 1848–August 21, 1848






Members of the Wisconsin Senate for the First Wisconsin Legislature (19):[2]

Senate partisan representation
  Democratic: 16 seats
  Whig: 3 seats
District Counties Senator Party
1 Brown, Calumet, Manitowoc, Sheboygan Harrison C. Hobart Democrat
2 Columbia, Marquette, Portage, Sauk Henry Merrill Whig
3 Crawford, Chippewa, St. Croix, La Pointe Daniel G. Fenton Democrat
4 Fond du Lac, Winnebago Warren Chase Democrat
5 Iowa, Richland Henry M. Billings Democrat
6 Grant George W. Lakin Whig
7 Lafayette Thomas K. Gibson Democrat
8 Green E.T. Gardner Democrat
9 Dane Simeon Mills Democrat
10 Dodge William M. Dennis Democrat
11 Washington Frederick W. Horn Democrat
12 Jefferson Myron B. Williams Democrat
13 Waukesha Joseph Turner Democrat
14 Walworth John W. Boyd Democrat
15 Rock Otis W. Norton Whig
16 Racine 1 Christopher Latham Sholes Democrat
17 Racine 2 Philo White Democrat
18 Milwaukee 1 Asa Kinney Democrat
19 Milwaukee 2 Riley N. Messenger Democrat


Members of the Assembly for the First Wisconsin Legislature (66):[2]

Assembly partisan representation
  Democratic: 49 seats
  Whig: 17 seats
Counties Representative Party
Brown David Agry Democrat
Calumet Lemuel Goodell Democrat
Columbia Joseph Kerr Whig
Crawford & Chippewa William T. Sterling Democrat
Dane 1 Henry M. Warner Democrat
Dane 2 Ebenezer Brigham Whig
Dane 3 Samuel H. Roys Democrat
Dodge 1 Lorenzo Merrill Democrat
Dodge 2 Charles Billinghurst Democrat
Dodge 3 Benjamin Randall Democrat
Dodge 4 Monroe Thompson Whig
Dodge 5 Stephen Jones Whig
Fond du Lac 1 Charles Doty Whig
Fond du Lac 2 Jonathan Daugherty Whig
Grant 1 James Gilmore Whig
Grant 2 Noah Virgin Whig
Grant 3 Armisted C. Brown Whig
Grant 4 Arthur W. Worth Democrat
Green Henry Adams Democrat
Iowa & Richland 1 Thomas Jenkins Democrat
Iowa & Richland 2 Abner Nichols Democrat
Jefferson 1 Wales Emmons Democrat
Jefferson 2 Peter H. Turner Democrat
Jefferson 3 Davenport Rood Democrat
Lafayette 1 Elias Slothower Democrat
Lafayette 2 Ninian E. Whiteside Democrat
Marquette Archibald Nichols Democrat
Milwaukee 1 Edward Wunderly Democrat
Milwaukee 2 Augustus Greulich Democrat
Milwaukee 3 William W. Brown Whig
Milwaukee 4 Leonard P. Crary Democrat
Milwaukee 5 Andrew Sullivan Democrat
Milwaukee 6 Horace Chase Democrat
Milwaukee 7 Perley J. Shumway Democrat
Manitowoc Ezra Durgin Democrat
St Croix & La Pointe Joseph Bowron
(successfully challenged seating of William R. Marshall)
Portage James M. Campbell Democrat
Racine 1 David McDonald Democrat
Racine 2 Henry B. Roberts Democrat
Racine 3 Samuel E. Chapman Whig
Racine 4 Julius L. Gilbert Democrat
Racine 5 Elias Woodworth, Jr. Democrat
Rock 1 G. F. A. Atherton Democrat
Rock 2 Alanson B. Vaughan Whig
Rock 3 Albert P. Blakeslee Democrat
Rock 4 Robert T. Carey Whig
Rock 5 Nathaniel Strong Democrat
Sauk Delando Pratt Democrat
Sheboygan 1 Charles E. Morris Democrat
Sheboygan 2 Jedediah Brown Democrat
Walworth 1 Gaylord Graves Democrat
Walworth 2 Prosper Cravath Whig
Walworth 3 Erasmus D. Richardson Democrat
Walworth 4 Hugh Long Democrat
Walworth 5 Milo Kelsey Whig
Waukesha 1 Joseph W. Brackett Democrat
Waukesha 2 Dewey K. Warren Democrat
Waukesha 3 Chauncey G. Heath Democrat
Waukesha 4 George M. Humphrey Democrat
Waukesha 5 Joseph Bond Democrat
Washington 1 Henry Allen Democrat
Washington 2 Benjamin H. Mooers Democrat
Washington 3 Adolphus Zimmermann Democrat
Washington 4 Densmore Maxon Democrat
Washington 5 William Caldwell Whig
Winnebago Erasmus D. Hall Whig


  • Enrolling Clerk: Aaron V. Fryer[3]


  • Chief Clerk: Henry G. Abbey
  • Writer: R. L. Ream
  • Writer: Henry Lines
  • Writer: E. P. Lockhart
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Lyman H. Seaver
  • Chaplain: H. W. Reed


  • Chief Clerk: Daniel Noble Johnson
  • Chief Clerk pro tem: L. F. Kellogg
  • Assistant Clerk: T. A. B. Boyd
  • Writer: Ira W. Bird
  • Writer: James Murdock
  • Messenger: Henry Starks
  • Doorkeeper: Samuel Parkhurst
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: John Mullanphy
  • Chaplain: John Penman
  • Chaplain: Charles Lord


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