2009 Special Honours (New Zealand)

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The 2009 Special Honours in New Zealand were announced in August 2009 as a result of the reinstatement of the appellations of "Sir" and "Dame" to the New Zealand Royal Honours System by passing Special Regulation 2009/90 Additional Statutes of The New Zealand Order of Merit,[1] a legally binding regulation with the force of law in New Zealand.

The effect of the change was that individuals who had been appointed as Principal Companions or Distinguished Companions of the New Zealand Order of Merit were given the option of accepting titular honours: Principal Companions could opt to become Knights or Dames Grand Companion, and Distinguished Companions could become Knights or Dames Companion. Of the 85 living Principal and Distinguished Companions at the time, all but 13 accepted redesignation.[2] Living widows of deceased male Principal or Distinguished Companions were eligible to be granted the courtesy title of "Lady".

The recipients are displayed as they were styled before the redesignation, and the date given in brackets is the date of the original appointment as a Principal or Distinguished Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit.[3][4]

New Zealand Order of Merit[edit]

Knight Grand Companion (GNZM)[edit]

The following Principal Companions were redesignated Knights Grand Companion:

Dame Companion (DNZM)[edit]

The following Distinguished Companions were redesignated Dames Companion:

Knight Companion (KNZM)[edit]

The following Distinguished Companions were redesignated Knights Companion:

Widows of Principal and Distinguished Companions[edit]

The following surviving spouses of deceased Principal and Distinguished Companions were granted the use of the courtesy title of "Lady":


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