2010 Newark mayoral election

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2010 Newark mayoral election
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← 2006 May 11, 2010[1] 2014 →
  Cory Booker 2011 Shankbone (1).JPG 3x4.svg
Candidate Cory Booker Clifford J. Minor
Party Non-partisan Non-partisan
Popular vote 22,745 13,570
Percentage 59.1% 35.3%

Mayor before election

Cory Booker

Elected Mayor

Cory Booker

The 2010 election for Mayor of Newark took place in Newark, the most populous city in the state of New Jersey, on May 11, 2010. Elections for all seats on the nine member Municipal Council of Newark were held the same day. A runoff election, if necessary, would have taken place. Elections in the city are non-partisan and candidates are not listed by political party. Incumbent Mayor Cory Booker avoided a runoff and was re-elected to his second term in office.

Booker would not serve out the entirety of his second term. In 2013, after having won the October 16 special election for U.S. Senator, Booker resigned as mayor and was sworn in on October 31 as the junior U.S. Senator from New Jersey.[2] Luis A. Quintana, long-term member of the Municipal Council, replaced him as interim mayor.[3] In 2019, he mounted a campaign to participate in 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries.


If no candidate had received 50% of the vote, the race would have continued to a run-off between the top two candidates from the first round.

Newark mayoral election, 2010[4]
Party Candidate Votes %
Nonpartisan Cory Booker (incumbent) 22,745 59.1
Nonpartisan Clifford J. Minor 13,570 35.3
Nonpartisan Yvonne Garrett Moore 1,703 4.4
Nonpartisan Mirna L. White 444 1.2
Total votes 38,462


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