2011 Logar province bombing

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25 June 2011 Logar Province bombing
Part of Eastern Afghanistan
LocationLogar Province, Azra District
Date25 June 2011 (GMT+4:30)
TargetPublic Hospital (Civilian Hospital)
Attack type
Suicide Car Bombing

The 25 June 2011 Logar province bombing was a suicide car bombing that occurred on 25 June 2011 in Azra District, Logar Province, Afghanistan targeting Akbar Khail hospital, a 10-bed facility near the Pakistani border, killing at least 43 people, including children, pregnant women, and medical staff.[1][2][3] The suicide bomber drove a sport utility vehicle through the front gate of the facility, striking a guard, before detonating his explosives. The blast destroyed the one-story hospital and buried people under the rubble. The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack, claiming the perpetrator to be "someone with an agenda," possibly the Haqqani network.[4]


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