2011 NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Tournament

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2011 NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Tournament
Men's College Cup (semifinals & final)
Defending championsAkron Zips
ChampionsNorth Carolina
Matches played47
Goals scored127 (2.7 per match)
Top goal scorer(s)Casey Townsend (4)

The 2011 NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Tournament was a single-elimination tournament involving 48 teams to determine the champion of the 2011 NCAA Division I men's soccer season. The 53rd edition of the tournament began on November 17, 2011 and culminated with the North Carolina Tar Heels defeating the Charlotte 49ers, 1–0, in the final on December 13 at Regions Park in Hoover, Alabama.[1]

While the tournament resulted in few upsets, most national soccer headlines were made behind Charlotte's run to the final. The 49ers entered the tournament through an at-large bid, and were not seeded. Despite that, they were able to defeat defending champions, the Akron Zips, 1–0, in the third round, and then the Connecticut Huskies, 4–2, in a penalty shootout to advance to the College Cup. Joining the Tar Heels and the 49ers in the College Cup were the UCLA Bruins and the Creighton Bluejays.[2]

With the victory in the national final, the Tar Heels won their second NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Championship in program history.[3]

Qualified Teams[edit]

A total of 48 teams will qualify into the tournament proper, either automatically, or through an at-large bid that is determined by a selection committee. Each conference that field varsity soccer teams are admitted one automatic berth into the tournament. Depending on the conference, that automatic berth is either given the champions of the regular season, or the tournament that culminates the regular season. Twenty-two teams earn automatic bids into the tournament, while 26 enter through an at-large bid.


Like previous editions of the NCAA Division I Tournament, the tournament featured 64 participants out of a possible field of 198 teams. Of the 64 berths, 22 were allocated to the conference tournament or regular season winners. The remaining 42 berths were determined through an at-large process based upon teams' Ratings Percentage Index that did not win their conference tournament. The most at-large berths went to schools from the Big East and Atlantic Coast conferences, containing half of the tournament field's at-large berths (six and five berths, respectively). Of the remaining 11 berths, six were from the Colonial Athletic and Conference USA conferences, each earning three berths.

From there, the NCAA Selection Committee selected the top sixteen seeds for the tournament, that earned an automatic bye to the second round of the tournament. The remaining 48 teams played in a single-elimination match in the first round of the tournament, to play a seeded team in the second round.

Similar to the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, each of the tournament rounds were single-elimination. However, matches tied at the end of regulation went to two 10-minute golden goal periods, followed by a penalty shoot-out, if necessary. All matches in the first, second and third rounds, as well as the quarterfinals, were hosted by the higher seed. The College Cup, also known as the semifinals and final for the tournament were held at a neutral venue, this time being at Regions Park in Hoover, Alabama (south of Birmingham.

Seeded teams[edit]

Seeded teams
Seed School Conference Record Berth type
1 North Carolina ACC 16–2–2 Tournament winner
2 Creighton MVC 17–2–0 Tournament winner
3 Connecticut Big East 14–2–2 At-large
4 Boston College ACC 14–5–0 At-large
5 Maryland ACC 12–3–3 At-large
6 SMU C-USA 13–5–1 Tournament winner
7 South Florida Big East 11–3–3 At-large
8 UC Irvine Big West 16–4–1 At-large
9 St. John's Big East 14–5–2 Tournament winner
10 New Mexico MPSF 16–0–3 Tournament winner
11 UAB C-USA 13–3–3 At-large
12 Louisville Big East 11–6–2 At-large
13 UCLA Pac-12 14–4–1 Tournament winner
14 James Madison CAA 11–4–2 At-large
15 UC Santa Barbara Big West 13–6–1 At-large
16 Indiana Big Ten 11–3–5 At-large


Round Date
First round November 17, 2011
Second round November 20, 2011
Third round November 27, 2011
Quarterfinals December 3, 2011
College Cup: Semifinals December 9, 2011
College Cup Final December 11, 2011


Regional 1[edit]

First round Second round Third round Quarterfinals
Elon 3
Coastal Carolina* 4
Coastal Carolina 2
1 North Carolina 3
1 North Carolina 1/OT
16 Indiana 0
16 Indiana 3
Old Dominion 0
Liberty 0(4)
Old Dominion* 0(5)
1 North Carolina 2
Saint Mary's 0
Fairfield 2
Brown* 3
Brown 1
9 St. John's 0
Brown 2
Saint Mary's 3/OT
8 UC Irvine 1
Saint Mary's 2/2OT
Saint Mary's 1
CSU Baskersfield* 0

Regional 2[edit]

First round Second round Third round Quarterfinals
Xavier 1
West Virginia* 2/OT
West Virginia 0
5 Maryland 4
5 Maryland 2
12 Louisville 4
12 Louisville 3/2OT
Bradley 2
Loyola-Chicago 1
Bradley* 2
12 Louisville 0
13 UCLA 1/2OT
Delaware 1/20T
Virginia* 0
Delaware 0
13 UCLA 1
13 UCLA 3
Rutgers 0
4 Boston College 1(3)
Rutgers 1(4)
Colgate 2
Rutgers* 4

Regional 3[edit]

First round Second round Third round Quarterfinals
Stony Brook 0(4)
Monmouth* 0(5)
Monmouth 1
3 Connecticut 2
3 Connecticut 3
14 James Madison 0
14 James Madison 2
Wake Forest 0
Wake Forest 1(4)
South Carolina* 1(3)
3 Connecticut 1(2)
Charlotte 1(4)
Furman 1
Charlotte* 3
Charlotte 3
11 UAB 1
Charlotte* 1
Akron 0
6 SMU 2
Akron 3
Northwestern 1
Akron* 3

Regional 4[edit]

First round Second round Third round Quarterfinals
Florida Gulf Coast 0
UCF* 1/2OT
7 South Florida 2/OT
7 South Florida 0(6)
10 New Mexico 0(5)
10 New Mexico 2/OT
Duke 1
Georgia State 0
Duke* 1
7 South Florida 0
2 Creighton 1/OT
Dartmouth 0
Providence* 1
Providence 2
15 UC Santa Barbara 3
15 UC Santa Barbara 1
2 Creighton 2
2 Creighton 3
Northern Illinois 0
Western Illinois 0
Northern Illinois* 3

College Cup – Regions Park, Hoover, Alabama[edit]

National Semifinals
December 9
National Championship
December 11
1 North Carolina 2(3)
13 UCLA 2(1)
1 North Carolina 1
Charlotte 0
Charlotte 0(4)
2 Creighton 0(1)


Host team, or higher seed, is listed on the right. Away team or lower seed is listed on the left.

First round[edit]

Report Raley Goal 10'
Attendance: 581
Referee: John Collins

Western Illinois0–3Northern Illinois
Report Totsch Goal 20'
Kannah Goal 43'
Mascitti Goal 73'
Huskie Soccer Field
DeKalb, Illinois
Attendance: 528

Xavier1–2 (a.e.t.)West Virginia
DePaol Goal 85' Report Williams Goal 39'
Schoenle Golden goal 99'
Attendance: 253
Referee: Peter Dhima

Elon3–4Coastal Carolina
Thomas Goal 48'64'
Carroll Goal 81'
Report Garbanzo Goal 35'
East Goal 55'
Hendrick Goal 72'
Bennett Goal 83'
CCU Soccer Field
Conway, South Carolina
Attendance: 582
Referee: Rob Mann

Liberty0–0 (a.e.t.)Old Dominion
Bentick Penalty scored
Amoo Penalty scored
Aseweh Penalty scored
Breitmeyer Penalty scored
Bullock Penalty missed
4–5 Francoz Penalty scored
Harmon Penalty scored
LeBlanc Penalty scored
Hopkinson Penalty scored
Smith Penalty scored
ODU Soccer Complex
Norfolk, Virginia
Attendance: 373
Referee: Bill Ditmar

Zuniga Goal 32'
Shaw Goal 40'
Report Rosa Goal 80'
Popolizio Goal 81'
Leonard Goal 86'
Attendance: 529
Referee: Sean Nally

Delaware1–0 (a.e.t.)Virginia
Dineen Golden goal 106' Report
Attendance: 588
Referee: Andrew Chapin

S. Miller Goal 25'
Schuber Goal 90'
Report Knibbs Goal 23'
Bourdeau Goal 64'
Correa Goal 82'
Goal 85' (o.g.)
Attendance: 629
Referee: Noel Cotterell

Stony Brook0–0 (a.e.t.)Monmouth
Schlesinger Penalty scored
Gobeil Penalty scored
Crespi Penalty missed
Fernandes Penalty scored
Belakehal Penalty scored
4–5 Allen Penalty scored
Luke Penalty scored
Schmid Penalty scored
Puranen Penalty scored
Vázquez Penalty scored
Attendance: 795
Referee: Alex Prus

Wake Forest1–1 (a.e.t.)South Carolina
Tomaselli Goal 9' Report Root Goal 50' (pen.)
Wenzel Penalty scored
Gimenez Penalty scored
Newnam Penalty missed
Randolph Penalty scored
Konowiecki Penalty missed
Mullin Penalty scored
4–3 Martinez Penalty scored
Baladez Penalty scored
Morrissey Penalty missed
Troyer Penalty scored
Mangotic Penalty missed
Rafferty Penalty missed
Attendance: 1,032
Referee: Skye Arthur-Banning

Ontiveros Goal 19' Report Gentile Goal 29'
Beaulieu Goal 68'
Rex Goal 84'
Transamerica Field
Charlotte, North Carolina
Attendance: 1,084
Referee: Serdar Ertep

Florida Gulf Coast0–1 (a.e.t.)UCF
Report George Golden goal 107'
Attendance: 535
Referee: Ted Unkel

Georgia State0–1Duke
Report Tweed-Kent Goal 53'
Attendance: 319
Referee: Daniel Fitzgerald

O'Neill Goal 63' Report Caldwell Goal 27'
Quinn Goal 55'
Mattocks Goal 77'
Attendance: 2,616
Referee: Ben Trevino

Loyola Chicago1–2Bradley
Raymonds Goal 31' Report Graf Goal 51'
Balle Goal 86'
Attendance: 740
Referee: Abbey Okulaja

Saint Mary's1–0CSU Bakersfield
Mohoric Goal 42' Report
CSUB Main Soccer Field
Bakersfield, California
Attendance: 2,207
Referee: Ian Anderson

Second round[edit]

Numbers represent the seed the team earned in the tournament.

Monmouth1–2#3 Connecticut
Jeffery Goal 26' Report Diouf Goal 39'50' (pen.)
Attendance: 3,979
Referee: Bahij Salman

Rutgers1–1 (a.e.t.)#4 Boston College
Kamara Goal 87' Report Chin Goal 53'
Kamara Penalty scored
Bourdeau Penalty scored
Brown Penalty scored
Cuevas Penalty missed
Setchell Penalty scored
4–3 Mejia Penalty scored
Aburmad Penalty missed
Fitzpatrick Penalty scored
Murphy Penalty scored
Rose Penalty missed
Newton Soccer Complex
Boston, Massachusetts
Attendance: 886
Referee: Lou Labbadia

Northern Illinois0–3#2 Creighton
Report Gomez Goal 21'
Finlay Goal 43'88'
Attendance: 2,034
Referee: Jeremy Schroeder

Old Dominion0–3#16 Indiana
Report Kotlov Goal 17'71'
Wylie Goal 80'
Attendance: 701
Referee: Landis Wiley

Coastal Carolina2–3#1 North Carolina
Bennett Goal 41'
East Goal 52'
Report Speas Goal 50'
Urso Goal 52'
Martínez Goal 69'
Attendance: 1,054
Referee: Daniel Fitzgerald

West Virginia0–4#5 Maryland
Report Townsend Goal 20'60'76'
Cyrus Goal 61'
Attendance: 2,437
Referee: Mark Kadleck

Brown1–0#9 St. John's
Remick Goal 48' Report
Attendance: 1,027
Referee: Kenneth Henriques

Wake Forest0–2#14 James Madison
Report J. Simpson Goal 14'
McLaughlin Goal 32'
Attendance: 776
Referee: Christopher Spivey

UCF1–2 (a.e.t.)#7 South Florida
Hunt Goal 72' Report Goal 70' (o.g.)
Charpie Golden goal 96'
Corbett Stadium
Tampa, Florida
Attendance: 3,029
Referee: Andres Pferrerkorn

Bradley2–3 (a.e.t.)#12 Louisville
Davis Goal 55'
Gaul Goal 90'
Report Rolfe Goal 87'
Walker Goal 87'
DeLeon Golden goal 108'
Cardinal Park Soccer and Track Stadium
Louisville, Kentucky
Attendance: 7,012
Referee: Khalaf Al-Latayfeh

Akron3–2#6 SMU
Mattocks Goal 22'76'
Holmes Goal 63'
Report Engel Goal 83'
Ivo Goal 83' (pen.)
Attendance: 890
Referee: Misail Tsapos

Charlotte3–1#11 UAB
James Goal 1'
Rex Goal 47'
Beaulieu Goal 50'
Report Wickham Goal 51'
Attendance: 2,214
Referee: Alex Prus

Providence2–3#15 UC Santa Barbara
Adler Goal 68'
Baumann Goal 83' (pen.)
Report Silva Goal 6'
Madueno Goal 41'
Sarle Goal 72'
Attendance: 1,311
Referee: Martik Mirikian

Saint Mary's2–1 (a.e.t.)#8 UC Irvine
Hanley Goal 58'
Howard Golden goal 103'
Report Ibarra Goal 84'
Attendance: 657
Referee: Frank Anderson

Duke1–2 (a.e.t.)#10 New Mexico
Palodichuk Goal 52' Report Smith Goal 82'
Baldinger Golden goal 99'
Lobo Soccer/Track Complex
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Attendance: 6,200
Referee: Mohamed Ibrahim

Delaware0–1#13 UCLA
Report Hoffman Goal 84'
Drake Stadium
Los Angeles
Attendance: 381
Referee: Mohamed Mahmoud

Third round[edit]

#16 Indiana0–1 (a.e.t.)#1 North Carolina
Report Schuler Golden goal 97'
Attendance: 1,504
Referee: Bill Ditmer

#14 James Madison0–3#3 Connecticut
Report Alvarez Goal 19'
Diouf Goal 63'
Cascio Goal 65'
Attendance: 4,983
Referee: Peter Dhima

#15 UC Santa Barbara1–2#2 Creighton
Opoku Goal 79' Report Castro Goal 8' (pen.)
Ribeiro Goal 19'
Attendance: 2,436
Referee: Hilario Grajeda

#12 Louisville4–2#5 Maryland
DeLeon Goal 19'
Rolfe Goal 52'
Keller Goal 79'
Roman Goal 84'
Report Townsend Goal 34'
Oduaran Goal 68'
Attendance: 2,660
Referee: Andrew Chapin

Saint Mary's3–2 (a.e.t.)Brown
Newquist Goal 29'Golden goal 98'
Mohoric Goal 64'
Report Remick Goal 51'
Rosa Goal 62'
Attendance: 1,330
Referee: Alex Prus

#10 New Mexico0–0 (a.e.t.)#7 South Florida
Rozeboom Penalty scored
Green Penalty scored
Smith Penalty missed
Sandoval Penalty scored
Venter Penalty scored
Gibbons Penalty scored
Baldinger Penalty missed
5–6 Baldin Penalty scored
Perry Penalty scored
Dwyer Penalty missed
Fairclough Penalty scored
Paul Penalty scored
Olali Penalty scored
Alexis Penalty scored
Corbett Stadium
Tampa, Florida
Attendance: 3,592
Referee: Chris Penso

Report Gentile Goal 25'
Transamerica Field
Charlotte, North Carolina
Attendance: 2,182
Referee: Mark Kadlecik

Rutgers0–3#13 UCLA
Report Hoffman Goal 1'49'
Chavez Goal 44'
Drake Stadium
Los Angeles
Attendance: 749
Referee: Alex Gorin


Saint Mary's0–2#1 North Carolina
Report Hedges Goal 53'
Speas Goal 65'
Attendance: 5,810
Referee: Chico Grajeda

#13 UCLA1–0 (a.e.t.)#12 Louisville
Williams Golden goal 102' Report
Cardinal Park Soccer and Track Stadium
Louisville, Kentucky
Attendance: 4,832
Referee: Lou Labbadia

Charlotte1–1 (a.e.t.)#3 Connecticut
Gentile Goal 85' Report Cascio Goal 82'
Gibson Penalty scored
James Penalty missed
Smith Penalty scored
Cowles Penalty scored
Rodriguez Penalty scored
4–2 Diouf Penalty missed
Mercado Penalty missed
Alvarez Penalty scored
Bradley Penalty scored
Attendance: 5,100
Referee: Misail Tsapos

#7 South Florida0–1 (a.e.t.)#2 Creighton
Report Finlay Golden goal 97'
Attendance: 2,341
Referee: Edvin Jurisevic

College Cup: Semifinals[edit]

Charlotte0–0 (a.e.t.)#2 Creighton
Gibson Penalty scored
Caughran Penalty scored
Smith Penalty scored
Cowles Penalty scored
4–1 Castro Penalty scored
Clark Penalty missed
Finlay Penalty missed
Attendance: 9,623
Referee: Hilario Grajeda

#1 North Carolina2–2 (a.e.t.)#13 UCLA
Lovejoy Goal 56'
Schuler Goal 85'
Report Hollingshead Goal 17'
K. Rowe Goal 74'
Urso Penalty scored
McKinney Penalty scored
Schuler Penalty missed
Speas Penalty scored
3–1 Rose Penalty missed
K. Rowe Penalty missed
Muñoz Penalty scored
Monge Penalty missed
Attendance: 9,623
Referee: Alex Prus

College Cup: Final[edit]

Charlotte0–1#1 North Carolina
Report Speas Goal 65'


Top goalscorers[edit]

4 goals
3 goals
2 goals
1 goal
Own goals

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