2012 Christy Ring Cup

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2012 Christy Ring Cup
Counties coloured by 2012 Championship tier; Christy Ring Cup counties in purple.
Dates5 May
– 9 June 2012
Colm Quinn (captain)
Éamonn Phelan (manager)
Enan Glynn (captain)
Casey O'Brien (manager)
Tournament statistics
Matches played14
Goals scored49 (3.5 per match)
Points scored455 (32.5 per match)
2011 (Previous) (Next) 2013

The 2012 Christy Ring Cup was the eighth season of the Christy Ring Cup since its establishment in 2005.


A total of eight teams contested the Christy Ring Cup, including seven sides from the 2011 Christy Ring Cup and London, who were promoted team from the 2011 Nicky Rackard Cup.[1]

Both Armagh and Mayo failed to win any of their games in the 2011 Christy Ring Cup, however, without a play-off, Armagh were relegated to the Nicky Rackard Cup for 2012. From these two teams, Mayo had the longest tenure as a Christy Ring Cup member as the team had competed in every season since the inaugural one in 2005. Armagh joined the Christy Ring Cup in 2011 having won the previous year's Nicky Rackard Cup.[2]

2011 Nicky Rackard Cup champions London secured direct promotion to the Christy Ring Cup. They last competed in the competition in 2008.

Team summaries[edit]

Stadia and locations[edit]

Team Location Stadium Stadium capacity
Derry Derry Celtic Park (Derry) 5,000
Down Newry Páirc Esler 20,000
Kerry Tralee Austin Stack Park 18,000
Kildare Newbridge St. Conleth's Park 4,000
London Ruislip Emerald GAA Grounds 5,000
Mayo Castlebar McHale Park 49,000
Meath Navan Páirc Tailteann 10,000
Wicklow Aughrim Aughrim County Ground 10,000


The tournament has a double elimination format - each team will play at least two games before being knocked out.

  • The eight teams play four Round 1 matches.
    • The winners in Round 1 advance to Round 2A.
    • The losers in Round 1 go into Round 2B.
  • There are two Round 2A matches.
    • The winners in Round 2A advance to the semi-finals.
    • The losers in Round 2A go into the quarter-finals.
  • There are two Round 2B matches.
    • The winners in Round 2B advance to the quarter-finals.
    • The losers in Round 2B are eliminated.
  • There are two quarter-final matches between the Round 2A losers and Round 2B winners.
    • The winners of the quarter-finals advance to the semi-finals.
    • The losers of the quarter-finals are eliminated.
  • There are two semi-final matches between the Round 2A winners and the quarter-final winners.
    • The winners of the semi-finals advance to the final.
    • The losers of the semi-finals are eliminated.
  • The winners of the final win the Christy Ring Cup for 2012 and are promoted to the Liam MacCarthy Cup 2013.


Round 1[edit]

Round 2A[edit]

Round 2B[edit]




Top scorers[edit]


Rank Player County Tally Total Matches Average
1 Martin Finn London 5-29 44 6 7.33
2 Jonathan O'Neill Wicklow 0-39 39 4 9.75
3 Paddy Henry Derry 1-27 30 3 10.00
4 Jonathan Maher London 5-13 28 6 4.66
5 Paul Braniff Down 1-24 27 3 9.00
6 Stephen Clynch Meath 3-15 24 4 6.00
7 Paul Divilly Kildare 2-16 22 3 7.33

Single game[edit]

Rank Player County Tally Total Opposition
1 Jonathan Maher London 3-4 13 Wicklow
2 Martin Finn London 1-9 12 Mayo
Paddy Henry Derry 0-12 12 Kildare
4 Paul Divilly Kildare 2-5 11 Derry
Conor Woods Down 1-8 11 London
Paul Braniff Down 1-8 11 Meath
Shane Brick Kerry 1-8 11 Kildare
Kenny Feeney Mayo 0-11 11 Down
Jonathan O'Neill Wicklow 0-11 11 Kerry
Jonathan O'Neill Wicklow 0-11 11 London


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