2013 New Zealand bravery awards

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The 2013 New Zealand bravery awards were announced via a Special Honours List on 2 December 2013.

New Zealand Bravery Decoration (NZBD)[edit]

For an act of exceptional bravery in a situation of danger:[1][2]

New Zealand Bravery Medal (NZBM)[edit]

For an act of bravery:[1][2]

  • Mark John Allen.
  • Kenneth William Reilly.
  • Jan Margaret Boyd.
  • John Boyd.
  • Detective Constable George Edward Ross Carter – New Zealand Police.
  • Constable James Phillip Collins – New Zealand Police.
  • Detective Constable Edward Michael Luxford – New Zealand Police.
  • Constable Johan Artemus Mulder – New Zealand Police.
  • Constable Liam Pham – New Zealand Police.
  • Sergeant Christopher Charles Turnbull – New Zealand Police.
  • Constable Andrew Stephen Warne – New Zealand Police.
  • Martin Joseph Kay.
  • Colin John Wiggins.
  • Lois Patricia Kennedy
  • Jade Ronald Lynn


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