2013 Oceania Athletics Championships

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XIII Oceania Athletics Championships
Logo of the 2013 Oceania Athletics Championships.png
DatesJune 3-5
Host cityPapeete, French Polynesia French Polynesia
VenueStade Pater Te Hono Nui
Events44 (21 men, 22 women. 1 mixed)

The 2013 Oceania Athletics Championships were held at the Stade Pater Te Hono Nui in Papeete, French Polynesia, between June 3-5, 2013. The event was held jointly with the 2013 Oceania Youth Athletics Championships, and there were also exhibition events for masters, athletes with a disability and children.[1] Detailed reports on a day by day basis were given.[2][3][4]

The event was overshadowed by the death of New Zealand racewalker Lesley Cantwell. She collapsed while waiting for the medal ceremony after winning the gold medal in the 5000 metres race walk event, and was taken to Papeete Hospital on life support. However, she died a few days later.[5]

In the open division, a total of 44 events were contested, 21 by men and 22 by women, as well as 1 mixed medley relay.

Medal summary[edit]

Complete results can be found on the Oceania Athletics Association webpage.[6]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres (wind: -1.0 m/s)  Banuve Tabakaucoro (FIJ) 10.65  Siueni Filimone (TGA) 11.17  William Smart (NZL) 11.17
200 metres (wind: -1.5 m/s)  Banuve Tabakaucoro (FIJ) 21.08  Nelson Stone (PNG) 21.98  William Smart (NZL) 22.32
400 metres  Robert Jopp (NZL) 48.44  Tom Symes (NZL) 49.59  Theo Piniau (PNG) 49.70
800 metres  Adrien Kela (NCL) 1:52.81  Alex Beddoes (COK) 1:54.10  Jack Bruce (AUS) 1:55.91
1500 metres  Jack Bruce (AUS) 4:01.18  Adrien Kela (NCL) 4:05.19 Northern Territory/QueenslandThomas Briggs (NAUS) 4:05.39
5000 metres  Josh Maisey (NZL) 15:33.90 Northern Territory/Queensland Anthony Craig (NAUS) 15:38.74  Sapolai Yao (PNG) 15:43.03
10000 metres  Josh Maisey (NZL) 32:31.31 Northern Territory/Queensland Anthony Craig (NAUS) 33:35.39  Sapolai Yao (PNG) 33:44.20
3000 metres steeplechase  Sapolai Yao (PNG) 9:49.67 Northern Territory/Queensland Hamish MacDonald (NAUS) 9:56.49  Winsy Tama (PYF) 9:59.03
110 metres hurdles (wind: +0.1 m/s)  Tyler Heron (AUS) 15.57  Michael Herreros (GUM) 16.64  Nicholas Raval (GUM) 16.87
400 metres hurdles  Mowen Boino (PNG) 51.97  Leigh Bennett (AUS) 52.08  David Benjimen (VAN) 54.14
High Jump  Jordan Peters (NZL) 2.06m  Cedric Dubler (AUS) 2.06m  Isikeli Waqa (FIJ) 2.03m
Pole Vault  Cedric Dubler (AUS) 4.50m  Brandon Ricou (PYF) 3.80m
Long Jump  Cedric Dubler (AUS) 7.24m w (wind: +3.4 m/s)  Simione Isimeli (FIJ) 6.95m w (wind: +3.6 m/s)  William Cowper (NZL) 6.71m w (wind: +2.4 m/s)
Triple Jump  Scott Thomson (NZL) 14.91m (wind: +0.0 m/s)  Todd Swanson (NZL) 14.57m (wind: +0.0 m/s)  Mong Tavol (PNG) 14.18m (wind: +0.0 m/s)
Shot Put  Alexander Rose (SAM) 17.22m  Loïc Tuaira (PYF) 14.86m  Steven Lasei (SAM) 14.76m
Discus Throw  Alexander Rose (SAM) 56.05m  Steven Lasei (SAM) 45.66m  Loïc Tuaira (PYF) 42.05m
Hammer Throw  Alexander Rose (SAM) 55.49m  Steven Lasei (SAM) 31.05m
Javelin Throw  Leslie Copeland (FIJ) 76.87m  John Crandell (AUS) 59.46m Wallis and Futuna/ Jacky Tuakoifenua (WLF) 57.97m
Decathlon  Nick Gerrard (NZL) 6807  Andrew Hodges (AUS) 6573  Aaron Page (AUS) 5861
4 x 100 metres relay  Tonga
Lars Fa'apoi
Heamatangi Tu'ivai
Siosaia Teumohenga
Siueni Filimone
43.27  Kiribati
El-Jay Neneia
Kiatau Cama
Tealava Lotolua
Nooa Takooa
44.46  Tahiti
Laurent Coia
Rainui Taraufau
Rony Chang Yuk Shan
Ahonui Beauval-Tahi
4 x 400 metres relay  New Zealand
William Smart
William Cowper
Robert Jopp
Tom Symes
3:21.26  Australia
Andrew Broadbent
Leigh Bennett
Aaron Page
Tyler Heron
3:28.15  Vanuatu
George Vingaria Molisingi
David Benjamin
Tom Joe
George Wes Faerua


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres (wind: -0.7 m/s)  Toea Wisil (PNG) 11.90  Patricia Taea (COK) 12.57  Simone Small (NZL) 12.63
200 metres (wind: -1.1 m/s)  Toea Wisil (PNG) 24.45  Louise Jones (NZL) 24.75  Madeleine Powell (AUS) 25.56
400 metres  Alicia Keir (AUS) 55.07  Louise Jones (NZL) 55.51  Naomi Blaz (GUM) 61.99
800 metres  Alicia Keir (AUS) 2:08.05  Kerry White (NZL) 2:08.14  Pippa Trevella (NZL) 2:10.29
1500 metres  Pippa Trevella (NZL) 4:33.36  Kerry White (NZL) 4:38.24  Mereseini Naidau (FIJ) 4:57.75
5000 metres  Sharon Firisua (SOL) 19:41.23  Sophie Bouchonnet (PYF) 19:49.95  Nathalie Marguerit (TAH) 19:50.26
10000 metres  Elodie Mevel (PYF) 41:04.47  Sophie Gardon (PYF) 41:13.85  Hina Louison-Grepin (TAH) 41:38.74
3000 metres steeplechase  Stephanie Kondogonis (AUS) 11:18.08  Sharon Firisua (SOL) 12:20.57
100 metres hurdles (wind: -0.7 m/s)  Natalie Booth (NZL) 16.16
400 metres hurdles  Madeleine Powell (AUS) 63.17  Takina Bernadino (PYF) 65.63  Naomi Blaz (GUM) 66.65
High Jump  Timeri Lamorelle (PYF) 1.52m
Pole Vault  Lucie Tepea (TAH) 2.70m
Long Jump  Emma Knight (AUS) 5.74m (wind: +0.0 m/s) Northern Territory/Queensland Catherine Hannell (NAUS) 5.44m (wind: -1.4 m/s)  Timeri Lamorelle (PYF) 5.14m (wind: -0.4 m/s)
Triple Jump  Jenni Scott (NZL) 11.64m (wind: NWI)  Anna Thomson (NZL) 11.60m (wind: NWI)  Timeri Lamorelle (PYF) 11.05m (wind: NWI)
Shot Put  Tereapii Tapoki (COK) 14.17m  Rebecca Direen (AUS) 12.74m  Alexaraee Toeaina (ASA) 11.33m
Discus Throw  Christie Chamberlain (AUS) 50.68m  Tereapii Tapoki (COK) 49.98m  Alexaraee Toeaina (ASA) 43.72m
Hammer Throw  Rebecca Direen (AUS) 48.17m  Danielle Botha (NZL) 46.82m  Montaya Wharehinga (NZL) 45.06m
Javelin Throw  Laura Overton (NZL) 41.98m Wallis and Futuna/ Emilie Falelavaki (WLF) 41.93m  Ruby Cochrane (NZL) 34.42m
Heptathlon  Elana Withnall (AUS) 4348  Mafi Mapa (TGA) 3000  Ana Katiloka (TGA) 2625
5000 metres Walk  Lesley Cantwell (NZL) 25:39.79
4 x 100 metres relay  New Zealand
Simone Small
Ellie McCleery
Rosy Hogben
Kerry White
49.07 Northern Territory/Queensland North Australia
Catherine Hannell
Amanda Morris
Chloe Botella
Rita Fontaine
51.58  Guam
Aria Perez-Theisen
Naomi Blaz
Regine Tugade
Raquel Walker
4 x 400 metres relay  New Zealand
Louise Jones
Ellie McCleery
Pippa Trevella
Kerry White
3:52.38  Australia
Tayla-Paige Billington
Emma Knight
Elana Withnall
Alicia Keir


Event Gold Silver Bronze
800 Sprint Medley relay  New Zealand
Simone Small
Austen Heuvel
Louise Jones
Bailey Stewart
1:36.31  Fiji
Sisilia Seavula
Banuve Tabakaucoro
Mereseini Naidau
Simione Isimeli
1:38.95  French Polynesia
HerEani Manate
Namataiki Tevenino
Timeri Lamorelle
Gregory Bradai

Medal table (unofficial)[edit]

  *   Host nation (French Polynesia)

1 New Zealand158730
2 Australia127322
3 Papua New Guinea4149
4 Fiji3227
5 Samoa3216
6 French Polynesia*25512
7 Cook Islands1304
8 Tonga1214
9 New Caledonia1102
 Solomon Islands1102
11 French Polynesia1034
12Northern Territory/Queensland North Australia0516
13 Guam0145
14Wallis and Futuna/ Wallis and Futuna0112
15 Kiribati0101
16 American Samoa0022
Totals (17 nations)444036120

Participation (unofficial)[edit]

The participation of 480 athletes representing 24 teams from 22 countries was published.[1] The list comprises also the U-18 athletes, some of them competed in both the open and the youth event, especially in the relays.

20 of the participating teams were OAA members, one team an associate OAA member, only Niue was absent.

In addition, there was a team from Wallis and Futuna, which is no OAA member, and two regional teams: A local team dubbed "Tahiti West Coast" (TWC in the results list,[6] here dubbed TAH)[7] and a "Regional Australia Team" (RAT in the results list,[6] here dubbed NAUS) [8] including athletes with "their normal place of residence in Northern Australia (defined as comprising the Northern Territory and any parts of Western Australia and Queensland, north of 26th parallel south latitude)."


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