2015–16 Bahraini King's Cup

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2015–16 Bahraini King's Cup
Country Bahrain
Runners-upRiffa S.C.
Matches played24

The Bahraini King's Cup is a cup competition involving teams from the Bahraini Premier League and 2nd tier. Hidd SCC are the current holders of the King's Cup, having defeated Busaiteen in extra time in last year's final.


The official draw took place on 24 December 2015.[1]

Preliminary round[edit]

3 teams played a knockout tie. 3 ties were played over one leg. The first match was played between Al-Shabab and Isa Town Club on 28 December 2015. Al-Shabab, Al-Ittihad Bahrain and Qalali Club advanced to the Round of 16 after winning their respective ties.[2][3]

Al-Shabab2 - 1Isa Town Club
Sayyed Ibrahim Alawi Goal 79'
Mohammad Jameel Goal 90+1'
Hamad Al-Rumaihi Goal 12'
Al-Ahli Stadium
Referee: Abdulshahid Abdulamir (BHR)

Al-Ittihad2 - 0Tadamun Buri
Mohammad Jawad Goal 51'
Mahdi Abduljabbar Goal 72'
Hamad Town Stadium
Referee: Osama Idris (BHR)

Al-Ittifaq0 - 1Qalali
Qassem Hassan Goal 37'
Al-Najma Stadium
Referee: Sayyed Adnan Mohammad (BHR)

Round of 16[edit]

The round of 16 had the 3 winners from the previous round, alongside 13 new entrants: 10 from the First Division and 3 from the Second Division. The draw was made 24 December 2015 with the preliminary round draw.[4] 8 teams advanced from this round into the Quarter-Finals.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12] The draw for the upcoming rounds was also made on the same day as the Preliminary Round Draw.[13]

Qalali0 - 9Malkiya
Ali Al-Sayyed Essa Goal 15'28'53'66'
Sayyed Redha Essa Goal 24'55'
Mohammad Darwish Goal 38'
Jassim Mohammad Goal 42'
Seydou Kalo Balo Goal 45'
Hamad Town Stadium
Referee: Osama Idris (BHR)

Sitra0 - 3Al-Hidd
Mohammad Al-Rumaihi Goal 52'60'74'
Referee: Ali Hassan Al-Samahiji (BHR)

East Riffa Club1 - 1 (a.e.t.)Manama
Ala'a Hubail Goal 105' Mladen Jovancic Goal 109' (pen.)
Mladen Jovancic Penalty missed
Abdulla Yousif Penalty missed
Faisal Bodahoom Penalty scored
Leith Hashem Penalty scored
2-4 Penalty scored Ringo
Penalty scored Ala'a Hubail
Penalty scored Djelaludin Sharityar
Penalty scored Mohammad Essa

Budaiya Club1 - 2 (a.e.t.)Al-Najma
Samuel Al-Sar Goal 64' Ahmad Mohammad Abdulrasoul Goal 59'
Abdulrahman Yousif Goal 103'
Hamad Town Stadium

Bahrain Club1 - 0 (a.e.t.)Busaiteen Club
Tiago Goal 120' (pen.)
Hamad Town Stadium
Referee: Jameel Juma (BHR)

Al Hala Club1 - 4Al-Ahli
Mahdi Baqer Goal 60' (o.g.) Diego Pelicles da Silva Goal 10'16'
Clieton Goal 38'
Dia SalmanGoal 83'
Referee: Ammar Mahfouz (BHR)

Al-Shabab0 - 5Muharraq
Felipinho Goal 24'
Ismail Abdullatif Goal 47'56' (pen.)
Abdulla Abdo Goal 38'
Admir Catovic Goal 38'
Hamad Town Stadium
Referee: Saleh Al-Abbasy (BHR)

Al-Ittihad0 - 4Riffa
Essa Ghaleb Goal 11'
Komail Al-Aswad Goal 69'
Abdulla Al-Zayed Goal 76'
Mohammed Al-Tayeb Goal 83'
Referee: Waleed Mahmoud (BHR)

Quarter finals[edit]

4 teams advanced from this round into the Semi-Finals.[14][15][16]

Malkiya0 - 0 (a.e.t.)Al-Ahli
Ali Al-Sayyed Essa Penalty scored
Essa Abdulwahab Al-Beri Penalty missed
Sayyed Hashem Adnan Penalty scored
Mohammad Darwish Penalty missed
Hussein Khalaf Penalty scored
Nawaf Abdulla Penalty scored
Jassim Mohammad Penalty missed
4-5 Penalty scored Patrick Uche
Penalty scored Jassim Al-Sheikh
Penalty scored Diego Pelicles da Silva
Penalty missed Hani Al-Badrani
Penalty missed Imad Zatara
Penalty scored Hassan Ishaq
Penalty scored Mahdi Baqer
Khalifa Sports City Stadium
Referee: Abdulshaheed Abdulamir (BHR)

Manama2 - 6Muharraq
Mahmood Abdulrahman Goal 34' (pen.) Goal 42' Report Ismail Abdullatif Goal 25'
Saleh Abdulhameed Goal 36'
Kanu Goal 45+1'68'
Felipinho Goal 55'90+2'

Al-Hidd0 - 2Riffa
Report Mohammed Al-Tayeb Goal 57'
Sayed Mohamed Adnan Goal 64' (o.g.)
Khalifa Sports City Stadium
Referee: Nawaf Shukrallah (BHR)

Bahrain Club1 - 3Al-Najma
Thiago de SouzaGoal 94' Report Ali Yaqoub Al-Dossary Goal 53'
Saad Al Amer Goal 77'83'
Referee: Abdulla Qassem (BHR)

Semi finals[edit]

The two winners from this round progressed to meet in the Final.[17][18]

Al-Najma1 - 6Muharraq
Saleh Abdulhameed Goal 80' (o.g.) Report Ismail Abdullatif Goal 49'
Abdulla Abdo Goal 52'70'
Ebrahim Al Mishkhas Goal 58'
Admir Catovic Goal 79'
Shohrux GadoyevGoal 89'
Khalifa Sports City Stadium
Referee: Abdulshaheed Abdulamir (BHR)

Al-Ahli1 - 2Riffa
Diego Pelicles da Silva Goal 28' Report Mahmoud Maowas Goal 4'
Ahmad Al Douni Goal 64'
Khalifa Sports City Stadium
Referee: Abdulla Qassem (BHR)


Muharraq3 - 1Riffa
Abdulla Abdo Goal 24'
Ali Jamal Goal 89'
Jamal Rashid Goal 90+1'
Report Mahmoud Maowas Goal 37'
Attendance: 10,000 [19]
Referee: Waleed Mahmoud (BHR)


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