2015 World Championships in Athletics – Women's marathon

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Women's marathon
at the 2015 World Championships
VenueBeijing National Stadium
Dates30 August
Competitors65 from 38 nations
Winning time2:27:39
gold medal    Ethiopia
silver medal    Kenya
bronze medal    Bahrain
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The women's marathon at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Beijing National Stadium on 30 August.[1][2]


Under overcast skies the race quickly formed two large packs of about 20 runners. For the next 25K, the lead pack remained about the same size with some runners bridging the gap in time for others to fall off the pace. Between 25K and 30K, the pack dropped to a dozen runners. Just after 31K, defending champion Edna Kiplagat accelerated. In the next 4K, the lead pack cut in half, the remaining athletes were three Kenyans, two Ethiopians and Eunice Kirwa wearing a Bahrain uniform, from Kenya. London Marathon champion Tigist Tufa was the first to fall back, then Kiplagat began to lose contact. But the four person pack remained tougher into the stadium. Four athletes to sprint it out on the track for three medals after running 26 miles. Mare Dibaba (no relation to the other famous Dibaba sisters) led the group toward the tunnel. As they started to speed up, Jemima Sumgong did not have another gear. Kirwa was perfectly positioned to strike but instead Helah Kiprop launched the attack from the back after looking like she was ready to drop off, long striding behind the diminutive Dibaba. 60 metres before the finish they were almost even, but Dibaba would not give that last few inches.[3] Then Dibaba sped away to cross the line with almost 7 metres gap. The times had a second between first and second, a four-second gap amongst the medalists and a 7-second gap back to fourth place. On every count, the closest Marathon finish in World Championship history.[4]

It was four Kenyan born athletes in places 2–5, Ethiopia and Japan placed three each in the top 14 places.


Prior to the competition, the records were as follows:[5]

World record  Paula Radcliffe (GBR) 2:15:25 London, United Kingdom 13 April 2003
Championship record  Paula Radcliffe (GBR) 2:20:57 Helsinki, Finland 14 August 2005
World leading  Mare Dibaba (ETH) 2:19.52 Xiamen, China 3 January 2015
African record  Mary Jepkosgei Keitany (KEN) 2:18:37 London, United Kingdom 22 April 2012
Asian record  Mizuki Noguchi (JPN) 2:19:12 Berlin, Germany 25 September 2005
NACAC record  Deena Kastor (USA) 2:19:36 London, United Kingdom 23 April 2006
South American record  Inés Melchor (PER) 2:26:40 Berlin, Germany 28 September 2014
European record  Paula Radcliffe (GBR) 2:15:25 London, United Kingdom 13 April 2003
Oceanian record  Benita Willis (AUS) 2:22:36 Chicago, United States 22 October 2006

Qualification standards[edit]



Date Time Round
30 August 2015 07:30 Final

All times are local times (UTC+8)


The race was started at 07:30.[7]

KEY: NR National record PB Personal best SB Seasonal best
Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1st place, gold medalist(s) Mare Dibaba  Ethiopia (ETH) 2:27:35
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Helah Kiprop  Kenya (KEN) 2:27:36
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Eunice Kirwa  Bahrain (BHR) 2:27:39
4 Jemima Sumgong  Kenya (KEN) 2:27:42
5 Edna Kiplagat  Kenya (KEN) 2:28:18
6 Tigist Tufa  Ethiopia (ETH) 2:29:12
7 Mai Ito  Japan (JPN) 2:29:48
8 Tirfi Tsegaye  Ethiopia (ETH) 2:30:54
9 Kim Hye-song  North Korea (PRK) 2:30:59
10 Serena Burla  United States (USA) 2:31:06 SB
11 Rasa Drazdauskaitė  Lithuania (LTU) 2:31:23 SB
12 Filomena Costa  Portugal (POR) 2:31:40
13 Sairi Maeda  Japan (JPN) 2:31:46
14 Risa Shigetomo  Japan (JPN) 2:32:37
15 Alina Prokopeva  Russia (RUS) 2:32:44
16 Ding Changqin  China (CHN) 2:33:04
17 Alessandra Aguilar  Spain (ESP) 2:33:42
18 O. P. Jaisha  India (IND) 2:34:43 NR
19 Sudha Singh  India (IND) 2:35:35 PB
20 Visiline Jepkesho  Kenya (KEN) 2:36:17
21 Sinead Diver  Australia (AUS) 2:36:38 SB
22 Katarína Berešová  Slovakia (SVK) 2:37:24
23 Sarah Klein  Australia (AUS) 2:37:58 SB
24 Esther Erb  United States (USA) 2:38:15 SB
25 Lishan Dula  Bahrain (BHR) 2:38:18
26 Clara Canchanya  Peru (PER) 2:39:24
27 Liina Luik  Estonia (EST) 2:39:42 PB
28 Wang Xueqin  China (CHN) 2:41:42
29 Anne-Mari Hyryläinen  Finland (FIN) 2:41:59
30 Kim Seongeun  South Korea (KOR) 2:42:14
31 Kateryna Karmanenko  Ukraine (UKR) 2:43:12 SB
32 Yiu Kit Ching  Hong Kong (HKG) 2:43:28
33 Annelie Johansson  Sweden (SWE) 2:43:42
34 Nebiat Habtemariam  Eritrea (ERI) 2:44:42 SB
35 Munkhzaya Bayartsogt  Mongolia (MGL) 2:45:01
36 Iuliia Andreeva  Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) 2:45:04
37 He Yinli  China (CHN) 2:45:05
38 Lily Luik  Estonia (EST) 2:45:22 SB
39 Anita Kažemāka  Latvia (LAT) 2:45:54 SB
40 Gulzhanat Zhanatbek  Kazakhstan (KAZ) 2:45:54
41 Yeum Go-eun  South Korea (KOR) 2:46:46
42 Aster Tesfaye  Bahrain (BHR) 2:46:54
43 Sultan Haydar  Turkey (TUR) 2:47:11
44 Charlotte Karlsson  Sweden (SWE) 2:47:40
45 Hsu Yu-fang  Chinese Taipei (TPE) 2:48:01
46 Julia Degan  Australia (AUS) 2:49:26 SB
47 Roselaine Benites  Brazil (BRA) 2:49:28
48 Louise Wiker  Sweden (SWE) 2:49:57
49 Niluka Geethani Rajasekara  Sri Lanka (SRI) 2:50:40
50 Mayada Al-Sayad  Palestine (PLE) 2:53:39
51 Dailín Belmonte  Cuba (CUB) 2:56:18 SB
52 Hsieh Chien-ho  Chinese Taipei (TPE) 2:58:25
Souad Aït Salem  Algeria (ALG) DNF
Hortensia Arzapalo  Peru (PER) DNF
Michele Cristina das Chagas  Brazil (BRA) DNF
Barkahoum Drici  Algeria (ALG) DNF
Sitora Hamidova  Uzbekistan (UZB) DNF
Kim Hye-gyong  North Korea (PRK) DNF
Soumiya Labani  Morocco (MAR) DNF
Heather Lieberg  United States (USA) DNF
Luvsanlkhündegiin Otgonbayar  Mongolia (MGL) DNF
Tanith Maxwell  South Africa (RSA) DNF
Beata Naigambo  Namibia (NAM) DNF
Irina Smolnikova  Kazakhstan (KAZ) DNF
Paula Todoran  Romania (ROM) DNF
Lalita Babar  India (IND) DNS
Olena Popova  Ukraine (UKR) DNS


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