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The 2016–17 UEFA Youth League Domestic Champions Path was played from 21 September to 30 November 2016. A total of 32 teams competed in the Domestic Champions Path to decide 8 of the 24 places in the knockout phase of the 2016–17 UEFA Youth League.[1]

Times up to 29 October 2016 (first round) were CEST (UTC+2), thereafter (second round) times were CET (UTC+1).


The youth domestic champions of the top 32 associations according to their 2015 UEFA country coefficients entered the Domestic Champions Path.[2] Associations without a youth domestic champion as well as domestic champions already included in the UEFA Champions League path were replaced by the next association in the UEFA ranking.[3][4]

For the Domestic Champions Path, the 32 teams were drawn into two rounds of two-legged home-and-away ties. The draw was held on 30 August 2016, 13:45 CEST, at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.[5][6] There were no seedings, but the 32 teams were split into four groups defined by sporting and geographical criteria prior to the draw.[7]

  • In the first round, teams in the same group were drawn against each other, with the order of legs decided by draw.
  • In the second round, the 16 winners of the first round were divided into two groups: Group A contained the winners from Groups 1 and 2, while Group B contained the winners from Groups 3 and 4. Teams in the same group were drawn against each other, with the order of legs decided by draw.
Key to colours
Second round winners advance to the play-offs
Group 1
Spain Málaga
Italy Roma
Greece PAOK
Cyprus APOEL
Serbia Čukarički
Slovenia Domžale
Slovakia Nitra
Hungary Puskás Akadémia
Group 2
Netherlands Ajax
Belgium Anderlecht
Denmark Midtjylland
Sweden AIK
Norway Rosenborg
Finland HJK
Iceland Breiðablik
Republic of Ireland Cork City
Group 3
Switzerland Zürich
Czech Republic Sparta Prague
Romania Viitorul Constanța
Austria Red Bull Salzburg
Moldova Sheriff Tiraspol
Bosnia and Herzegovina Zrinjski Mostar
North Macedonia Vardar
Montenegro Mladost Podgorica
Group 4
Russia Dynamo Moscow
Turkey Altınordu
Israel Maccabi Haifa
Belarus Shakhtyor Soligorsk
Bulgaria Levski Sofia
Azerbaijan Gabala
Kazakhstan Kairat
Georgia (country) Dinamo Tbilisi


In the Domestic Champions Path, each tie is played over two legs, with each team playing one leg at home. The team that scores more goals on aggregate over the two legs advances to the next round. If the aggregate score is level, the away goals rule is applied, i.e., the team that scores more goals away from home over the two legs advances. If away goals are also equal, the match is decided by a penalty shoot-out (no extra time is played).[1]

The eight second round winners advance to the play-offs, where they are joined by the eight group runners-up from the UEFA Champions League Path.

First round[edit]

The first legs were played on 21, 27, 28, 29 September and 5 October, and the second legs were played on 19 October 2016.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Nitra Slovakia 2–8 Spain Málaga 2–3 0–5
Puskás Akadémia Hungary 1–1 (a) Greece PAOK 1–1 0–0
APOEL Cyprus 1–9 Italy Roma 0–3 1–6
Domžale Slovenia 2–5 Serbia Čukarički 1–1 1–4
Breiðablik Iceland 0–7 Netherlands Ajax 0–3 0–4
HJK Finland 0–1 Republic of Ireland Cork City 0–0 0–1
Anderlecht Belgium 1–3 Denmark Midtjylland 0–0 1–3
Rosenborg Norway 3–1 Sweden AIK 0–0 3–1
Viitorul Constanța Romania 5–1 Moldova Sheriff Tiraspol 4–1 1–0
Zrinjski Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina 0–9 Switzerland Zürich 0–3 0–6
Red Bull Salzburg Austria 8–0 North Macedonia Vardar 5–0 3–0
Sparta Prague Czech Republic 9–0 Montenegro Mladost Podgorica 4–0 5–0
Gabala Azerbaijan 0–7 Russia Dynamo Moscow 0–2 0–5
Maccabi Haifa Israel 8–2 Belarus Shakhtyor Soligorsk 5–0 3–2
Dinamo Tbilisi Georgia (country) 1–8 Kazakhstan Kairat 0–3 1–5
Altınordu Turkey 6–1 Bulgaria Levski Sofia 5–0 1–1
Nitra Slovakia2–3Spain Málaga
Balaj Goal 14'
A. Fábry Goal 57'
Report Kuki Goal 56'87'
Boussefiane Goal 90+2'
Málaga Spain5–0Slovakia Nitra
Ontiveros Goal 27'
Kuki Goal 44'
Arimany Goal 58'62'
Joni Goal 90+1'
Attendance: 3,378

Málaga won 8–2 on aggregate.

Puskás Akadémia Hungary1–1Greece PAOK
Óvári Goal 58' Report Stathopoulos Goal 75'
Attendance: 629
PAOK Greece0–0Hungary Puskás Akadémia

1–1 on aggregate. PAOK won on away goals.

APOEL Cyprus0–3Italy Roma
Report Tumminello Goal 28'29'
Spinozzi Goal 78'
Roma Italy6–1Cyprus APOEL
Tumminello Goal 22'59'90+1'
Soleri Goal 42'73'
Marcucci Goal 83'
Report Papakonstantinou Goal 81'

Roma won 9–1 on aggregate.

Domžale Slovenia1–1Serbia Čukarički
Žužek Goal 54' Report Šarić Goal 63'
Čukarički Serbia4–1Slovenia Domžale
Mašović Goal 9'
Mehmedović Goal 49' (pen.)
Vidosavljević Goal 73'
Šarić Goal 89'
Report Kene Goal 82'

Čukarički won 5–2 on aggregate.

Breiðablik Iceland0–3Netherlands Ajax
Report Sierhuis Goal 5'
De Ligt Goal 25'
D. De Wit Goal 69'
Ajax Netherlands4–0Iceland Breiðablik
Antonucci Goal 9'
Sierhuis Goal 13'
D. De Wit Goal 40'
Kemper Goal 82'

Ajax won 7–0 on aggregate.

HJK Finland0–0Republic of Ireland Cork City
Attendance: 321
Referee: Glenn Nyberg (Sweden)
Cork City Republic of Ireland1–0Finland HJK
Drinan Goal 47' (pen.) Report
Attendance: 1,287

Cork City won 1–0 on aggregate.

Anderlecht Belgium0–0Denmark Midtjylland
Midtjylland Denmark3–1Belgium Anderlecht
Vang Goal 45'
Thychosen Goal 65'
Torp Goal 90+3'
Report Bernier Goal 72'
Attendance: 1,661

Midtjylland won 3–1 on aggregate.

Rosenborg Norway0–0Sweden AIK
AIK Sweden1–3Norway Rosenborg
Gravius Goal 25' (pen.) Report Erlien Goal 7'17'90+1'
Attendance: 811

Rosenborg won 3–1 on aggregate.

Viitorul Constanța Romania4–1Moldova Sheriff Tiraspol
Ciobanu Goal 10'65'90+3'
Cicâldău Goal 32'
Report Căruntu Goal 45' (pen.)
Sheriff Tiraspol Moldova0–1Romania Viitorul Constanța
Report Cicâldău Goal 45+1' (pen.)

Viitorul Constanța won 5–1 on aggregate.

Zrinjski Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina0–3Switzerland Zürich
Report Rüegg Goal 9'76'
Aliu Goal 33'
Zürich Switzerland6–0Bosnia and Herzegovina Zrinjski Mostar
Domgjoni Goal 20'90+3'
Ribeiro Goal 24'68'
Kurtović Goal 82'
Rexhepi Goal 85'
Attendance: 459

Zürich won 9–0 on aggregate.

Red Bull Salzburg Austria5–0North Macedonia Vardar
Haidara Goal 21'33'
Berisha Goal 43'88'
Schlager Goal 66'
Attendance: 764
Referee: Fran Jović (Croatia)
Vardar North Macedonia0–3Austria Red Bull Salzburg
Report Sturm Goal 69'
Filip Goal 84'86'
Attendance: 150

Red Bull Salzburg won 8–0 on aggregate.

Sparta Prague Czech Republic4–0Montenegro Mladost Podgorica
Mustedanagić Goal 20'45+2' (pen.)
Scekic Goal 45' (o.g.)
Mareček Goal 69'
Attendance: 1,254
Mladost Podgorica Montenegro0–5Czech Republic Sparta Prague
Report Fortelný Goal 10'
Novotný Goal 32'49'
Mustedanagić Goal 41'
Burda Goal 58'

Sparta Prague won 9–0 on aggregate.

Gabala Azerbaijan0–2Russia Dynamo Moscow
Report Kalugin Goal 42'
Obolsky Goal 48'
Attendance: 800
Referee: Alper Ulusoy (Turkey)
Dynamo Moscow Russia5–0Azerbaijan Gabala
Terekhov Goal 29'
Obolsky Goal 50'73'
Grulyov Goal 85'
Sedykh Goal 89'
Attendance: 72

Dynamo Moscow won 7–0 on aggregate.

Maccabi Haifa Israel5–0Belarus Shakhtyor Soligorsk
Awaed Goal 42'68' (pen.)74'
Zenati Goal 71'
Bura Goal 90+1'
Shakhtyor Soligorsk Belarus2–3Israel Maccabi Haifa
Lisakovich Goal 68'90' (pen.) Report Butbul Goal 8'
Abu Fani Goal 18'
Awaed Goal 37'

Maccabi Haifa won 8–2 on aggregate.

Dinamo Tbilisi Georgia (country)0–3Kazakhstan Kairat
Report Kotov Goal 55'
Bakhtiyarov Goal 60'72'
Kairat Kazakhstan5–1Georgia (country) Dinamo Tbilisi
Bakhtiyarov Goal 53'
Kotov Goal 71' (pen.)
Kharabadze Goal 80' (o.g.)
Popov Goal 87'
Orazov Goal 90+2'
Report Chakvetadze Goal 7'

Kairat won 8–1 on aggregate.

Altınordu Turkey5–0Bulgaria Levski Sofia
Özfesli Goal 33'61'
Balakkiz Goal 36'
Aktaş Goal 50'
Durak Goal 59'
Levski Sofia Bulgaria1–1Turkey Altınordu
T. Dimitrov Goal 41' Report M. Arslan Goal 80'

Altınordu won 6–1 on aggregate.

Second round[edit]

The first legs were played on 2, 9 and 16 November, and the second legs were played on 22, 23 and 30 November 2016.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
PAOK Greece 1–4 Netherlands Ajax 0–2 1–2
Cork City Republic of Ireland 1–4[A] Italy Roma 1–3 0–1
Málaga Spain 2–4 Denmark Midtjylland 2–0 0–4
Rosenborg Norway 2–1 Serbia Čukarički 0–1 2–0
Altınordu Turkey 8–5 Czech Republic Sparta Prague 6–2 2–3
Viitorul Constanța Romania 5–2 Switzerland Zürich 5–0 0–2
Maccabi Haifa Israel 1–1 (a) Russia Dynamo Moscow 0–0 1–1
Red Bull Salzburg Austria 9–1 Kazakhstan Kairat 8–1 1–0
  1. ^
    Order of legs reversed after original draw.
PAOK Greece0–2Netherlands Ajax
Report Kluivert Goal 24'
Sierhuis Goal 75'
Ajax Netherlands2–1Greece PAOK
Sierhuis Goal 73' (pen.)75' Report Dimitriou Goal 86'

Ajax won 4–1 on aggregate.

Cork City Republic of Ireland1–3Italy Roma
Drinan Goal 20' Report Frattesi Goal 10'
Soleri Goal 86'
Franchi Goal 90+3'
Attendance: 3,015
Roma Italy1–0Republic of Ireland Cork City
Coly Goal 61' Report

Roma won 4–1 on aggregate.

Málaga Spain2–0Denmark Midtjylland
Joni Goal 78' (pen.)
Mendes Goal 90+5'
Midtjylland Denmark4–0Spain Málaga
Thychosen Goal 7'24'
Poulsen Goal 85'
Vang Goal 88'
Attendance: 1,024

Midtjylland won 4–2 on aggregate.

Rosenborg Norway0–1Serbia Čukarički
Report S. Ilić Goal 76'
Čukarički Serbia0–2Norway Rosenborg
Report Vinje Goal 88' (pen.)
Nordskag Goal 90'

Rosenborg won 2–1 on aggregate.

Altınordu Turkey6–2Czech Republic Sparta Prague
Aktay Goal 3'23'41'47'60'
Y. Arslan Goal 90+5'
Report Havelka Goal 45'
Frýdek Goal 82'
Attendance: 876
Sparta Prague Czech Republic3–2Turkey Altınordu
Fortelný Goal 55'
Köstl Goal 66'
Mareček Goal 78'
Report Aktay Goal 4'
Aktaş Goal 89'

Altınordu won 8–5 on aggregate.

Viitorul Constanța Romania5–0Switzerland Zürich
Casap Goal 4'
C. Ene Goal 39'
Coman Goal 74' (pen.)82'
Manole Goal 89'
Zürich Switzerland2–0Romania Viitorul Constanța
Ribeiro Goal 14' (pen.)
Xhemajli Goal 19'
Attendance: 315
Referee: Mario Zebec (Croatia)

Viitorul Constanța won 5–2 on aggregate.

Maccabi Haifa Israel0–0Russia Dynamo Moscow
Attendance: 3,500
Dynamo Moscow Russia1–1Israel Maccabi Haifa
Sedykh Goal 55' Report Arad Goal 64'
Attendance: 170

1–1 on aggregate. Maccabi Haifa won on away goals.

Red Bull Salzburg Austria8–1Kazakhstan Kairat
Wolf Goal 16'68'79'
Berisha Goal 24'70'80'87'90'
Report Soltanov Goal 55'
Kairat Kazakhstan0–1Austria Red Bull Salzburg
Report Meisl Goal 17'

Red Bull Salzburg won 9–1 on aggregate.


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