2016 Antipolo local elections

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Antipolo mayoral election, 2016
← 2013 May 9, 2016 2019 →
Nominee Casimiro Ynares III Ronaldo Leyva Mario Boyet Leyva
Party NPC Aksyon Lakas
Running mate Josefina Gatlabayan Danilo Leyble Igle Batingal

Nominee Juvy Rivas Athan Tojon
Running mate Victor Nabarte Fat Nabarte

Incumbent Mayor

Casimiro Ynares III

Local elections will be held in Antipolo City on May 9, 2016 within the Philippine general election. The voters will elect candidates for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, the two district congressmen, two provincial board members of Rizal, one for each district, and the sixteen councilors, eight in each of the city's districts.


Incumbent Casimiro Ynares III of the Nationalist People's Coalition is running for reelection. His running mate is incumbent second district councilor Josefina "Pining" Gatlabayan, the wife of former mayor and second district representative Angelito Gatlabayan.

Ynares' opponent is his estranged vice mayor, Ronaldo "Puto" Leyva. Leyva was stripped of all administrative powers and privileges vested in his position since 2013 by Ynares and his allies in the city council, and has cried political harassment since.[1] Leyva also holds the distinction of being the elected official who is not allowed to hold office inside a city hall. His running mate is his 2013 partner, former councilor, vice mayor, and mayor Danilo "Nilo" Leyble, and his team will field a complete slate down to councilors.

Declared Candidates[edit]

Incumbents are expressed in italics. Winners expressed in bold.


Casimiro "Jun" Ynares III is running for reelection, his opponent is Vice Mayor Ronaldo "Puto" Leyva.

Antipolo City Mayoralty Election[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
NPC Casimiro Ynares III 212,662 70.32%
Aksyon Ronaldo Leyva 40,497 13.39%
Lakas Mario Boyet Leyva 23,233 7.68%
Independent Cherry Savile 1,084 0.36%
Independent Antonio Lagorin 835 0.28%
UNA Juvy Rivas 612 0.20%
PMP Athan Tojon 342 0.11%
Valid ballots 301,884 68.28%
Invalid or blank votes 140,253 31.72%
Total votes 442,137 100.00%

Vice Mayor[edit]

Former Mayor Danilo Leyble is running for Vice Mayor, his opponent is the wife of former Mayor Angelito Gatlabayan, incumbent Councilor Josefina "Pining" Gatlabayan. Incumbent vice mayor Ronaldo Leyva is running for mayoralty.

Antipolo City Vice Mayoralty Election[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
NPC Josefina Gatlabayan 141,279 46.71%
Aksyon Danilo Leyble 118,528 39.21%
Independent Alfred Zapanta 6,196 2.05%
Independent Pocholo Dominic Martinez 2,383 0.79%
Independent Joel Tatad 1,946 0.64%
UNA Victor Nabarte 1,470 0.49%
Lakas Igle Batingal 1,130 0.37%
Independent Aisah Mocsir 674 0.22%
PMP Fat Nabarte 297 0.10%
Valid ballots 273,903 90.58%
Invalid or blank votes 168,234 9.42%
Total votes 442,137 100.00%

District Representatives[edit]

1st District[edit]

Roberto Puno is term-limited as he has reached the maximum three-term limit for any elective official. His wife, media personality Chiqui Roa-Puno, will run in his stead and will be challenged by incumbent first district councilor Juanito "Dudok" Lawis.

2016 Philippine House of Representatives election in Antipolo's 1st district[2]
Candidate Party Votes
Chiqui Roa-Puno National Unity Party (Philippines) 101,690 81.29%
Juanito "Dudok" Lawis Aksyon Demokratiko 17,135 13.70%
Sonia Ampo Independent 4,277 3.42%
Florante "Ante" Quizon Independent 1,993 1.59%
Turnout 125,095 68.28%
Registered voters 183,209 100%

2nd District[edit]

Romeo M. Acop is running for reelection for his third and final term unopposed. Acop, who prior to the filing of certificates of candidacy for this elections was a known mayoralty bet for the city, is a common candidate of both Team AntiPoLo 2016 (Team Puto-Nilo) and Team Ynares.

2016 Philippine House of Representatives election in Antipolo's 2nd district[2]
Candidate Party Votes
Romeo M. Acop Liberal Party (Philippines) 128,309 100%
Turnout 128,309 68.28%
Registered voters 187,916 100%

Provincial Board Members[edit]

1st District[edit]

Antipolo 1st District Board Member election
Party Candidate Votes %
NUP Enrico "Rico" De Guzman 76,465
Independent Neptalie Allen Nalog 14,733
Independent Myrnaflor "Myrna" Quizon 12,218
Total votes 103,416 100.00

2nd District[edit]

Antipolo 2nd District Board Member election
Party Candidate Votes %
NPC Jesus "Joel" Huertas 85,951
Independent Samuel Rivera 25,971
Total votes 111,922 100.00


Team AntipoLo 2016 (Puto-Nilo Team)[edit]

Aksyon Demokratiko/Antipolo City-1st District
Name Party
Bimby Aksyon
Ambet Leyble Aksyon
Jose Mendoza, Jr. Aksyon
Ernesto Frias Aksyon
Emmy Sherman Aksyon
Francisco "King" Sumulong, Jr. Aksyon
Erik Zapanta Aksyon
Ariel Zartiga Aksyon
Aksyon Demokratiko/Antipolo City-2nd District
Name Party
Roger Atim Aksyon
Emiliana Garcia Aksyon
Benjie Inlayo Aksyon
Ritchie Mendoza Aksyon
James Palarion Aksyon
Macario Semilla, Jr. Aksyon
Sony Villanueva Aksyon
Alfred Zapanta Aksyon

Team Ynares[edit]

Nationalist People's Coalition/National Unity Party/Antipolo City-1st District
Name Party
Robert Altamirano, Jr. NUP
Ronald Barcena NUP
Arnel Camacho NUP
Pablo Oldan, Jr. NUP
Philip Pimentel NUP
Susan Garcia-Say NUP
Christian Jay Tapales NUP
Lemuel Marlowe Zapanta NUP
Nationalist People's Coalition/Liberal Party/Antipolo City-2nd District
Name Party
Philip Conrad Acop Liberal
Christian Alarcon NPC
Nixon Aranas NPC
Eddie Lagasca NPC
Loni Leyva NPC
Tony Masangkay Liberal
Edward O'Hara Liberal
Irvin Paul Tapales NPC

1st District[edit]

Antipolo City Council Election – 1st District
Party Candidate Votes %
NUP Robert Altamirano, Jr.
Independent Danny Banaga
NUP Ronald Barcena
KBL Ed Bermal
NUP Arnel Camacho
Aksyon Julius Hilotina
Independent Lita Laroga
Aksyon Lamberto Leyble
PBM Francisco Llego
Aksyon Jose Mendoza, Jr.
Independent Gina Odavar
NUP Pablo Oldan, Jr.
NUP Philip Pimentel
Aksyon Ernesto Prias
PBM Roding Rascal
Independent Rosalie Santiago
NUP Susan Garcia-Say
Aksyon Emmy Sherman
Aksyon Francisco "King" Sumulong, Jr.
NUP Christian Jay Tapales
Aksyon Erik Zapanta
NUP Lemuel Marlowe Zapanta
Aksyon Ariel Zartiga
Total votes

2nd District[edit]

Antipolo City Council Election – 2nd District
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Philip Conrad Acop
NPC Christian Alarcon
NPC Nixon Aranas
PBM Nestor Arceo
Aksyon Roger Atim
Lakas Jerry Claunan
Aksyon Emiliana Garcia
PBM Mydy Garcia
Aksyon Benjie Inlayo
NPC Eddie Lagasca
NPC Loni Leyva
Independent Franklin Licudo
Liberal Tony Masangkay
Aksyon Ritchie Mendoza
Liberal Edward O'Hara
Aksyon James Palarion
Lakas Antonio Perez
Aksyon Macario Semilla, Jr.
NPC Irvin Paul Tapales
Aksyon Sony Villanueva
Aksyon Alfred Zapanta
Lakas Alfred Zapanta
Lakas Roberto Zonio
Total votes


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