2017–18 Bahraini King's Cup

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2017–18 Bahraini King's Cup
Country Bahrain
Matches played32
Top goal scorer(s)Ahmed Al Khattal

The 2017–18 Bahraini King's Cup is the 16th season of the national football competition of Bahrain since it was renamed as the King's Cup in 2003 (named Emir Cup or Federation Cup before). The winners of the competition will earn a spot in the 2019 AFC Cup.

The competition started on 12 October 2017.[1]

Round 1[edit]

12 October 2017 Sitra0–1 Qalali Al-Ahli Stadium
12 October 2017 Al Ittifaq Maqaba2–2
(2–3 p)
Isa Town Al-Riffa Stadium
12 October 2017 Busaiteen 3–1Al Tadamun BuriHamad Town Stadium

Round of 16[edit]

First leg[edit]

20 October 2017 Al Shabab 0–0 Al-Najma Bahrain National Stadium
21 October 2017 Budaiya 0–2 Al Hala Khalifa Sports City Stadium
22 October 2017 Al Hidd 3–0 Qalali Khalifa Sports City Stadium
23 October 2017 Al-Riffa 0–0 Isa Town Khalifa Sports City Stadium

Second leg[edit]

1 November 2017 Al-Najma 0–0 (a.e.t.)
(8–7 p)
Al Shabab Khalifa Sports City Stadium
2 November 2017 Al Hala 0–1 Budaiya Al-Ahli Stadium
3 November 2017 Qalali 0–4 Al Hidd Bahrain National Stadium
4 November 2017 Isa Town 0–4 Al-Riffa Khalifa Sports City Stadium


1st leg[edit]

25 November 2017 Al Hala 1–1 Al Ittihad Khalifa Sports City Stadium

2nd leg[edit]


1st leg[edit]

2nd leg[edit]

8 February 2018 Al-Najma 1–0 Al Ittihad Bahrain National Stadium
18:10 Alexander Da Silva
8 February 2018 Al-Riffa 0–2 Al-Muharraq Bahrain National Stadium
20:40 Ziyad Al-Darbali
Mohammed Sola


15 February 2018 Al-Najma 1–1 (a.e.t.)
(5–4 p)
Al-Muharraq Bahrain National Stadium
18:30 Referee: Abdulamir Abdulshaheed


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