2017 Democratic Republic of the Congo gubernatorial elections

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2017 Democratic Republic of the Congo gubernatorial elections

← 2016 26 August 2017 (first round)
29 August 2017 (second round)
21 December 2017 (in three provinces)

11 Provincial Governors from 26
  First party Second party
Party People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy Independent
Seats won 7 4

Gubernatorial elections took place in 11 out of the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 26 August 2017, with a second round held in three provinces on August 29. Elections in three other provinces were not held until 21 December 2017.[1] The elections occurred after several governors had been dismissed.[2][3] Applications of potential candidates were submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission from 21 to 25 July 2017, with a period for the review of the applications from 26 to 30 July. On August 2, the list of candidates was published and the following two days were granted for any appeals.[4] More than half of the provinces were won by candidates of the Alliance of the Presidential Majority, though some went to independent opposition candidates.[2]

Governors are elected by provincial assemblies.[2]

Results by province[edit]

The results are listed by province.[2][5][6]

Province Governor-elect Party
Bas-Uele Anina Makwa Godelieve Independent
Equateur Louis Mbonga Majority
Haut-Katanga Célestin Pande Kapopo Majority
Haut-Lomami Kalenga Mwenzemi Jackson Majority
Kasaï-Central Denis Kambayi Majority
Kwilu Michel Balabala Kasongo Independent
Mongala Bobo Boloko Majority
Sud-Kivu Claude Nyamugabo Majority
Sud-Ubangi Taila Nage Joachim Independent
Tshopo Constant Lomata Independent
Tshuapa Boongo Pancrace Majority


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