2018 Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district special election

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2018 Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district special election

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Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district
  Conor Lamb.jpg Talking Politics in Western PA - Rep. Rick Saccone (cropped).jpg
Nominee Conor Lamb Rick Saccone
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 114,102 113,347
Percentage 49.9% 49.5%

Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district special election results, 2018.svg

U.S. Representative before election

Tim Murphy

Elected U.S. Representative

Conor Lamb

A special election for Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district was held on March 13, 2018, following the resignation of Republican Representative Tim Murphy.[1] Murphy, who held the seat since January 3, 2003, declared his intent to resign on October 5, 2017, and vacated his seat on October 21 that year. Democrat Conor Lamb defeated Republican Rick Saccone 49.86% to 49.53%. Saccone conceded the race eight days after the election.[2]


Eight-term incumbent Republican U.S. Representative Tim Murphy was involved in a sex scandal consisting of his allegedly having extramarital sexual relations with a woman and then asking her to have an abortion. This was particularly damaging because Murphy identifies as a pro-life politician. Murphy subsequently announced that he was resigning and that he would leave office on October 21.[3][4]

Primary elections were not held in the race. Instead, nominees were chosen by each party. The Republican Party held a special convention on November 11, 2017, to choose a nominee through a conferee process involving 215 local Republican activists.[5][6] The Democratic Party held their nominating convention on November 19, 2017.[7] The Libertarian Party of Allegheny County and the Libertarian Party of Washington County nominated a candidate via party caucus.[8]

At the time, Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District was located in Western Pennsylvania and bordered the state of West Virginia. It included portions of Greene, Washington, Allegheny and Westmoreland counties.[9] The district had a Cook PVI score of R+11.[10] This was the last election for Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district held under the configuration made in 2011 by the Pennsylvania Legislature as new districts have been drawn in accordance with the ruling of the state supreme court in League of Women Voters v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and came into effect for the main 2018 congressional elections in November.[11][12][13] The bulk of the old 18th became the 14th District.

Republican conferee meeting[edit]



Failed to qualify[edit]

  • George Karpacs, Pennsylvania College Access Program board member[17]



Republican conferree meeting[20][21]
Candidate First ballot Pct. Second ballot Pct.
Rick Saccone 74 34.4% 123 57.5%
Guy Reschenthaler 75 34.9% 91 42.5%
Kim Ward 66 30.7% Eliminated

Democratic convention[edit]





Democratic convention[28][29][30][31]
Candidate First ballot Pct. Second ballot Pct.
Conor Lamb 225 40.6% 319 58.5%
Gina Cerilli 153 27.6% 152 27.9%
Pam Iovino 90 16.2% 74 13.6%
Mike Crossey 47 8.5% Eliminated
Rueben Brock 21 3.8% Eliminated
Bob Solomon 18 3.2% Eliminated
Keith Seewald 0 0.0% Eliminated

Libertarian Party nomination[edit]

The Libertarian candidate was Pittsburgh attorney Drew Gray Miller. Prior to this however, a primary candidate was Philip Mosses, a high school government teacher. Moses ended his campaign in early 2018.

General election[edit]


Official Sample Ballot


Source Ranking As of
The Cook Political Report[35] Tossup March 9, 2018
Inside Elections[36] Tossup February 28, 2018
Sabato's Crystal Ball[37] Tossup March 8, 2018


The major party candidates were Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb, in a district that Donald Trump carried by almost 20 points in the 2016 presidential election.[38] The special election attracted national attention[39] and was seen by many political analysts and commentators as a bellwether on the popularity of Donald Trump, Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and the Republican Party.[39][40][41][42][43][44] Saccone said the special election was a referendum on Trump's presidency and called himself "Trump before Trump was Trump".[45][46][47] Prominent Republicans including Donald Trump (twice), Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Mike Pence came to the state to campaign for Saccone.[48] The district was contested by a third-party candidate (Libertarian Drew Gray Miller) for the first time since 1996.[49]

Campaign funding[edit]

Republicans and aligned groups spent more than twice as much as Democrats and aligned groups on the special election.[50] Although Lamb's campaign fund raised more than Saccone's campaign fund, Saccone benefited from far more spending by outside groups than Lamb.[50]

The Republican Party and outside pro-Republican "independent expenditure" groups spent almost $10.7 million to support Saccone or oppose Lamb in the campaign, while $2.6 million in independent expenditures was spent in support of Lamb.[51] Fourteen outside groups (seven Republican, seven Democrat) comprised over 95% of the spending. For the Republican side, the major groups spending money on Saccone's behalf were Paul Ryan's Congressional Leadership Fund, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Republican National Committee, and the pro-Trump groups America First Action and 45Committee. For the Democratic side, the major groups spending money on Lamb's behalf were the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Patriot Majority PAC, and the VoteVets.org Action Fund.[51]


KDKA-TV hosted the first debate on February 19, 2018.[52] WTAE-TV hosted the second and final debate on March 3, 2018, at 7 PM EST. The debate was hosted live by WTAE-TV along with the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh.[53][54]

Date Link(s) Participants
Lamb (D)
Drew Gray
Miller (L)
Saccone (R)
WTAE-TV March 3, 2018 [55] Invited Invited
KDKA-TV February 19, 2018 [56][57][58] Invited Invited


Rick Saccone (R)
Federal politicians
Conor Lamb (D)
Federal politicians
Local and statewide politicians
Labor unions
Newspapers and news websites
Drew Gray Miller (L)


Poll source Date(s)
of error
Saccone (R)
Lamb (D)
Other Undecided
Monmouth University March 8–11, 2018 372 ± 5.1% 45% 51% 1% 3%
RABA Research March 6–8, 2018 707 ± 3.7% 44% 48% 9%
Gravis Marketing March 1–5, 2018 911 ± 3.3% 45% 42% 13%
Emerson College March 1–3, 2018 474 ± 4.8% 45% 48% 7%
Gravis Marketing February 13–15, 2018 602 ± 4.2% 45% 40% 15%
Monmouth University February 12–14, 2018 320 ± 5.5% 49% 46% 1% 4%
DFM Research (D) January 18–19, 2018 384 ± 5.0% 41% 38% 21%
Gravis Marketing January 3–5, 2018 513 ± 4.3% 46% 34% 20%


Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district special election, 2018[112]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Conor Lamb 114,102 49.86% +49.86%
Republican Rick Saccone 113,347 49.53% -50.47%
Libertarian Drew Gray Miller 1,381 0.60% +0.60%
Total votes 228,830 100.00%
Plurality 755 0.33% -99.67%
Democratic gain from Republican Swing

Lamb declared victory just after midnight on March 14.[113] With all precincts reporting, Lamb led Saccone by 627 votes, a margin of 0.2 percent. NBC News declared Lamb the apparent winner early on the morning of March 14, based on the remaining absentee ballots from Washington County.[114] The New York Times followed suit later that afternoon.[38] A few other outlets declared Lamb the winner in what has been described as "a major upset",[115][116] but others withheld judgment, citing the closeness of the race and the likelihood of a recount.[117] Saccone conceded the race to Lamb on March 21, the day that the last votes were counted.[118] Allegheny County certified its election results on April 2, making Conor Lamb's victory official.[119] He was sworn in on April 12.

Lamb's victory came primarily on the strength of winning the Allegheny County portion of the district by almost 15,400 votes, as he lost the rest of the district by 14,700 votes.[120]

Results by county[edit]

Vote breakdown by county[119]
Conor Lamb
Rick Saccone
Drew Gray Miller
Margin Total
County Votes % Votes % Votes % Votes % Votes
Allegheny 58,874 57.25% 43,398 42.24% 526 0.51% 15,476 15.01% 102,798
Greene 2,022 41.56% 2,800 57.56% 43 0.88% 778 16.00% 4,865
Washington 22,757 46.16% 26,198 53.14% 344 0.70% 3,441 6.98% 49,299
Westmoreland 30,449 42.37% 40,951 56.98% 468 0.65% 10,502 14.61% 71,868

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