2018 United States House of Representatives election in Delaware

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2018 United States House of Representatives election in Delaware, At-large district

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  Lisa Blunt Rochester official photo (cropped).jpg No image.svg
Candidate Lisa Blunt Rochester Scott Walker
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 227,353 125,384
Percentage 64.5% 35.6%

Delaware House Election Results by County, 2018.svg
County results
Rochester:      50–60%      70–80%
Walker:      50-60%

U.S. Representative before election

Lisa Blunt Rochester

Elected U.S. Representative

Lisa Blunt Rochester

The 2018 United States House of Representatives election in Delaware was held on November 6, 2018, to elect the U.S. Representative from Delaware's at-large congressional district, who will represent the state of Delaware in the 116th United States Congress. The election coincided with the election of a U.S. Senator from Delaware and other federal and state offices. Democratic Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, the incumbent, won re-election.

Democratic primary[edit]

Lisa Blunt Rochester ran unopposed in the primary and automatically became the Democratic nominee.






Lisa Blunt Rochester

Republican Party[edit]



Eliminated in primary[edit]

  • Lee Murphy, retired railroad worker and actor (refused to concede)[3][4]


  • Marvin Davis, far-rightist
  • Lee Murphy, retired railroad worker and actor (not filed)
  • Andrew Webb, community activist and student[5]


Lee Murphy
Political candidates

Primary results[edit]

Results by county:
Republican primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Scott Walker 19,572 53.0
Republican Lee Murphy 17,359 47.0
Margin of victory 2,213 6.0%
Turnout 36,931 19.7%[6]
Total votes 36,931 100.0


Shortly after the final results for the Republican primary, controversy almost immediately emerged about Scott Walker’s victory, as Lee Murphy had been seen as many as the favorite to win. Murphy refused to concede and took to Facebook in saying, “Friends, thanks for all your support- something stinks here and I will not be conceding anytime soon. Need to investigate big time. A Dem wins a Republican primary?”[4] Murphy also called for an investigation into the results.[7] Walker responded in saying that God led his campaign to victory.[8] Student and community activist Andrew Webb declared his Republican write-in candidacy on September 17, 2018, hoping to gain support from dissatisfied Republicans. He announced a platform of more moderate/traditional conservative ideas.[5] There are also two other write-in candidacies, with a far-right and conservative candidacy from Marvin Davis and Paul Johnston.

Libertarian Party[edit]


Endorsed by Sussex County Chapter[edit]

  • Andrew Webb, community activist and student (write-in)

Independent Party of Delaware[edit]



  • Andrew Webb, community activist and student[9]




  • Paul Johnston, veteran (write-in)


General election[edit]


Lisa Blunt Rochester
U.S. Senators
Lt. Governors
Political candidates
  • Coby Owens, social justice activist, CEO of Youth Caucus of America, and 2016 delegate for Bernie Sanders
Scott Walker
Andrew Webb (write-in)
County Councilpersons
Declined to endorse
Declined to endorse Scott Walker



Source Ranking As of
FiveThirtyEight[15] Solid D September 2018
270towin[16] Safe D October 2018


Poll source Date(s)
of error
Lisa Blunt
Rochester (D)
Walker (R)
University of Delaware September 11–17, 2018 728 LV 58% 28% 15%
908 RV ± 3.7% 54% 26% 20%
Gravis Marketing July 24–29, 2018 884 ± 3.3% 46% 38% 16%


Delaware's at-large congressional district, 2018[17]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Lisa Blunt Rochester (incumbent) 227,353 64.45% +8.93%
Republican Scott Walker 125,384 35.55% -5.41%
Delaware Independent Andrew Webb (write-in) 414 0.0% N/A
Total votes 353,128 100.0% N/A
Democratic hold


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