2019–20 CAF Champions League qualifying rounds

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2019–20 CAF Champions League qualifying rounds
Dates9 August – 24 October 2019
Tournament statistics
Matches played90
Goals scored237 (2.63 per match)

The 2019–20 CAF Champions League qualifying rounds were played from 9 August to 24 October 2019.[1] A total of 61 teams competed in the qualifying rounds to decide the 16 places in the group stage of the 2019–20 CAF Champions League.[2]


The draw for the qualifying rounds was held on 21 July 2019 at the CAF headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.[3][4]

The entry round of the 61 teams entered into the draw was determined by their performances in the CAF competitions for the previous five seasons (CAF 5-Year Ranking points shown in parentheses).

Entry round First round
(3 teams)
Preliminary round
(58 teams)


In the qualifying rounds, each tie was played on a home-and-away two-legged basis. If the aggregate score was tied after the second leg, the away goals rule was applied, and if still tied, extra time was not played, and the penalty shoot-out was used to determine the winner (Regulations III. 13 & 14).[2]


The schedule of the competition was as follows.[1]

Round First leg Second leg
Preliminary round 9–11 August 2019 23–25 August 2019
First round 13–15 September 2019 27–29 September 2019


The bracket of the draw was announced by the CAF on 21 July 2019.[4]

The 16 winners of the first round advanced to the group stage, while the 16 losers of the first round entered the Confederation Cup play-off round.

  Preliminary round First round
Central African Republic AS Tempête Mocaf 1 1 2  
Libya Al-Nasr 0 3 3  
    Libya Al-Nasr 1 1 2
  Morocco Raja Casablanca 3 1 4
The Gambia Brikama United 3 0 3
Morocco Raja Casablanca 3 4 7  
  Preliminary round First round
Algeria JS Kabylie (a) 1 2 3  
Sudan Al-Merrikh 0 3 3  
    Algeria JS Kabylie (p) 2 0 2 (5)
  Guinea Horoya 0 2 2 (3)
Mali Stade Malien 1 0 0
Guinea Horoya 1 1 2  
  Preliminary round First round
Benin Buffles du Borgou 1 0 1  
Togo ASC Kara 1 1 2  
    Togo ASC Kara 0 0 0
  Democratic Republic of the Congo AS Vita Club 0 1 1
Cameroon UMS de Loum 0 0 0
Democratic Republic of the Congo AS Vita Club 0 1 1  
  Preliminary round First round
Burkina Faso Rahimo 1 0 1  
Nigeria Enyimba 0 5 5  
    Nigeria Enyimba 0 0 0
  Sudan Al-Hilal 0 1 1
Rwanda Rayon Sports 1 0 1
Sudan Al-Hilal (a) 1 0 1  
  Preliminary round First round
Niger AS SONIDEP 1 1 2  
Algeria USM Alger 2 3 5  
    Algeria USM Alger 4 2 6
  Kenya Gor Mahia 1 0 1
Burundi Aigle Noir 0 1 1
Kenya Gor Mahia 0 5 5  
  Preliminary round First round
Equatorial Guinea Cano Sport 2 1 3  
Ethiopia Mekelle 70 Enderta 1 1 2  
    Equatorial Guinea Cano Sport 0 0 0
  Egypt Al-Ahly 2 4 6
South Sudan Atlabara 0 0 0
Egypt Al-Ahly 4 9 13  
  Preliminary round First round
Liberia LPRC Oilers 1 0 1  
Senegal Génération Foot 0 3 3  
    Senegal Génération Foot 2 0 2
  Egypt Zamalek (a) 1 1 2
Somalia Dekedaha 0 0 0
Egypt Zamalek 7 6 13  
  Preliminary round First round
Nigeria Kano Pillars 3 0 3  
Ghana Asante Kotoko 2 2 4  
    Ghana Asante Kotoko 2 0 2
  Tunisia Étoile du Sahel 0 3 3
Guinea Hafia 2 1 3
Tunisia Étoile du Sahel 1 7 8  
  Preliminary round First round

Lesotho Matlama 0 0 0  
Angola Petro de Luanda 2 2 4  
    Angola Petro de Luanda (a) 0 1 1
  Uganda KCCA 0 1 1
Namibia African Stars 3 0 3
Uganda KCCA 2 2 4  
  Preliminary round First round
Comoros Fomboni 2 1 3  
Seychelles Côte d'Or (a) 2 1 3  
    Seychelles Côte d'Or 0 1 1
  South Africa Mamelodi Sundowns 5 11 16
Republic of the Congo AS Otôho 2 0 2
South Africa Mamelodi Sundowns 1 4 5  
  Preliminary round First round
Ivory Coast SO de l'Armée 0 0 0  
Mauritania FC Nouadhibou 0 1 1  
    Mauritania FC Nouadhibou 0 1 1
  Morocco Wydad Casablanca 2 4 6
Morocco Wydad Casablanca Bye
  Preliminary round First round
Gabon Cercle Mbéri Sportif 0 0 0  
Chad Elect-Sport 0 2 2  
    Chad Elect-Sport 1 1 2
  Tunisia Espérance de Tunis 1 2 3
Tunisia Espérance de Tunis Bye
  Preliminary round First round
Tanzania Young Africans 1 1 2  
Botswana Township Rollers 1 0 1  
    Tanzania Young Africans 1 1 2
  Zambia ZESCO United 1 2 3
Eswatini Green Mamba 0 0 0
Zambia ZESCO United 2 1 3  
  Preliminary round First round
Malawi Big Bullets 0 2 2  
Zimbabwe FC Platinum 0 3 3  
    Zimbabwe FC Platinum 1 4 5
  Mozambique UD Songo 0 2 2
Mozambique UD Songo (a) 0 1 1
Tanzania Simba 0 1 1  
  Preliminary round First round
Zambia Green Eagles 1 1 2  
South Africa Orlando Pirates 0 1 1  
    Zambia Green Eagles 1 1 2
  Angola 1º de Agosto (a) 2 0 2
Zanzibar KMKM 0 0 0
Angola 1º de Agosto 2 2 4  
  Preliminary round First round
Madagascar Fosa Juniors 1 1 2  
Mauritius Pamplemousses 0 1 1  
    Madagascar Fosa Juniors 0 1 1
  Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe 0 3 3
Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe Bye

Preliminary round[edit]

The preliminary round included the 58 teams that did not receive byes to the first round.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Brikama United The Gambia 3–7 Morocco Raja Casablanca 3–3 0–4
AS Tempête Mocaf Central African Republic 2–3 Libya Al-Nasr 1–0 1–3
JS Kabylie Algeria 3–3 (a) Sudan Al-Merrikh 1–0 2–3
Stade Malien Mali 1–2 Guinea Horoya 1–1 0–1
Buffles du Borgou Benin 1–2 Togo ASC Kara 1–1 0–1
UMS de Loum Cameroon 0–1 Democratic Republic of the Congo AS Vita Club 0–0 0–1
Rayon Sports Rwanda 1–1 (a) Sudan Al-Hilal 1–1 0–0
Rahimo Burkina Faso 1–5 Nigeria Enyimba 1–0 0–5
AS SONIDEP Niger 2–5 Algeria USM Alger 1–2 1–3
Aigle Noir Burundi 1–5 Kenya Gor Mahia 0–0 1–5
Atlabara South Sudan 0–13 Egypt Al-Ahly 0–4 0–9
Cano Sport Equatorial Guinea 3–2 Ethiopia Mekelle 70 Enderta 2–1 1–1
Dekedaha Somalia 0–13 Egypt Zamalek 0–7 0–6
LPRC Oilers Liberia 1–3 Senegal Génération Foot 1–0 0–3
Hafia Guinea 3–8 Tunisia Étoile du Sahel 2–1 1–7
Kano Pillars Nigeria 3–4 Ghana Asante Kotoko 3–2 0–2
African Stars Namibia 3–4 Uganda KCCA 3–2 0–2
Matlama Lesotho 0–4 Angola Petro de Luanda 0–2 0–2
Fomboni Comoros 3–3 (a) Seychelles Côte d'Or 2–2 1–1
AS Otôho Republic of the Congo 2–5 South Africa Mamelodi Sundowns 2–1 0–4
SO de l'Armée Ivory Coast 0–1 Mauritania FC Nouadhibou 0–0 0–1
Cercle Mbéri Sportif Gabon 0–2 Chad Elect-Sport 0–0 0–2
Green Mamba Eswatini 0–3 Zambia ZESCO United 0–2 0–1
Young Africans Tanzania 2–1 Botswana Township Rollers 1–1 1–0
Big Bullets Malawi 2–3 Zimbabwe FC Platinum 0–0 2–3
UD Songo Mozambique 1–1 (a) Tanzania Simba 0–0 1–1
KMKM Zanzibar 0–4 Angola 1º de Agosto 0–2 0–2
Green Eagles Zambia 2–1 South Africa Orlando Pirates 1–0 1–1
Fosa Juniors Madagascar 2–1 Mauritius Pamplemousses 1–0 1–1
Brikama United The Gambia3–3Morocco Raja Casablanca
Referee: Elhadji Amadou Sy (Senegal)
Raja Casablanca Morocco4–0The Gambia Brikama United
Referee: Charles Benle Bulu (Ghana)

Raja Casablanca won 7–3 on aggregate.

AS Tempête Mocaf Central African Republic1–0Libya Al-Nasr
Referee: Alfred Armi (Chad)
Al-Nasr Libya3–1Central African Republic AS Tempête Mocaf
Referee: Bangaly Konate (Guinea)

Al-Nasr won 3–2 on aggregate.

JS Kabylie Algeria1–0Sudan Al-Merrikh
Referee: Mohamed Maarouf (Egypt)
Al-Merrikh Sudan3–2Algeria JS Kabylie
Referee: Belay Tadesse (Ethiopia)

3–3 on aggregate. JS Kabylie won on away goals.

Stade Malien Mali1–1Guinea Horoya
Referee: Mathioro Diabel (Mauritania)
Horoya Guinea1–0Mali Stade Malien
Referee: Gilberto António Dos Santos (Guinea-Bissau)

Horoya won 2–1 on aggregate.

Buffles du Borgou Benin1–1Togo ASC Kara
Referee: Nabil Boukhalfa (Algeria)
ASC Kara Togo1–0Benin Buffles du Borgou
Referee: Mohamed Ali Moussa (Niger)

ASC Kara won 2–1 on aggregate.

UMS de Loum Cameroon0–0Democratic Republic of the Congo AS Vita Club
Stade Militaire, Yaoundé
Referee: Gauthier Mihindo Mbina (Gabon)
AS Vita Club Democratic Republic of the Congo1–0Cameroon UMS de Loum
Referee: Messie Nkounkou Mvoutou (Congo)

AS Vita Club won 1–0 on aggregate.

Rayon Sports Rwanda1–1Sudan Al-Hilal
Referee: Anthony Ogwayo (Kenya)
Al-Hilal Sudan0–0Rwanda Rayon Sports
Referee: Hassan Mohamed Hagi (Somalia)

1–1 on aggregate. Al-Hilal won on away goals.

Rahimo Burkina Faso1–0Nigeria Enyimba
Referee: Kokou Ognankotan N’Talé (Togo)
Enyimba Nigeria5–0Burkina Faso Rahimo

Enyimba won 5–1 on aggregate.

AS SONIDEP Niger1–2Algeria USM Alger
USM Alger Algeria3–1Niger AS SONIDEP

USM Alger won 5–2 on aggregate.

Aigle Noir Burundi0–0Kenya Gor Mahia
Gor Mahia Kenya5–1Burundi Aigle Noir
Referee: Louis Hakizimana (Rwanda)

Gor Mahia won 5–1 on aggregate.

Atlabara South Sudan0–4Egypt Al-Ahly
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Brian Miiro Nsubuga (Uganda)
Al-Ahly Egypt9–0South Sudan Atlabara
Attendance: 7,000
Referee: Lahlou Benbraham (Algeria)

Al-Ahly won 13–0 on aggregate.

Cano Sport Equatorial Guinea2–1Ethiopia Mekelle 70 Enderta
Referee: Douglas Kouete (Cameroon)
Mekelle 70 Enderta Ethiopia1–1Equatorial Guinea Cano Sport
Referee: Saddam Houssein Mansour (Djibouti)

Cano Sport won 3–2 on aggregate.

Dekedaha Somalia0–7Egypt Zamalek
Zamalek Egypt6–0Somalia Dekedaha
Referee: Mohamed Yousri Bouali (Tunisia)

Zamalek won 13–0 on aggregate.

LPRC Oilers Liberia1–0Senegal Génération Foot
Referee: Kouassi Attisso Attiogbe (Togo)
Génération Foot Senegal3–0Liberia LPRC Oilers
Referee: Lenine Delgado Rocha (Cape Verde)

Génération Foot won 3–1 on aggregate.

Hafia Guinea2–1Tunisia Étoile du Sahel
Referee: Omar Sallah (Gambia)
Étoile du Sahel Tunisia7–1Guinea Hafia
Referee: Ahmed El Ghandour (Egypt)

Étoile du Sahel won 8–3 on aggregate.

Kano Pillars Nigeria3–2Ghana Asante Kotoko
Asante Kotoko Ghana2–0Nigeria Kano Pillars
Referee: Louis Houngnandande (Benin)

Asante Kotoko won 4–3 on aggregate.

African Stars Namibia3–2Uganda KCCA
Referee: Emile Fred (Seychelles)
KCCA Uganda2–0Namibia African Stars
Startimes Stadium, Kampala
Referee: Mahmood Ali Ismail (Sudan)

KCCA won 4–3 on aggregate.

Matlama Lesotho0–2Angola Petro de Luanda
Referee: Norman Matemera (Zimbabwe)
Petro de Luanda Angola2–0Lesotho Matlama
Referee: Tshepo Mokani Gobagoba (Botswana)

Petro de Luanda won 4–0 on aggregate.

Fomboni Comoros2–2Seychelles Côte d'Or
Referee: William Oloya (Uganda)
Côte d'Or Seychelles1–1Comoros Fomboni
Referee: Lebalang Martin Mokete (Lesotho)

3–3 on aggregate. Côte d'Or won on away goals.

AS Otôho Republic of the Congo2–1South Africa Mamelodi Sundowns
Mamelodi Sundowns South Africa4–0Republic of the Congo AS Otôho

Mamelodi Sundowns won 5–2 on aggregate.

SO de l'Armée Ivory Coast0–0Mauritania FC Nouadhibou
Referee: Boubou Traoré (Mali)
FC Nouadhibou Mauritania1–0Ivory Coast SO de l'Armée

FC Nouadhibou won 1–0 on aggregate.

Cercle Mbéri Sportif Gabon0–0Chad Elect-Sport
Elect-Sport Chad2–0Gabon Cercle Mbéri Sportif

Elect-Sport won 2–0 on aggregate.

Green Mamba Eswatini0–2Zambia ZESCO United
Referee: Ishmael Chizinga (Malawi)
ZESCO United Zambia1–0Eswatini Green Mamba
Referee: Nehemia Shoovaleka (Namibia)

ZESCO United won 3–0 on aggregate.

Young Africans Tanzania1–1Botswana Township Rollers
Referee: Georges Gatogato (Burundi)
Township Rollers Botswana0–1Tanzania Young Africans

Young Africans won 2–1 on aggregate.

Big Bullets Malawi0–0Zimbabwe FC Platinum
Referee: Celso Alvacao (Mozambique)
FC Platinum Zimbabwe3–2Malawi Big Bullets
Referee: Janny Sikazwe (Zambia)

FC Platinum won 3–2 on aggregate.

UD Songo Mozambique0–0Tanzania Simba
Referee: Imtehaz Heeralall (Mauritius)
Simba Tanzania1–1Mozambique UD Songo
Referee: Jean Claude Ishimwe (Rwanda)

1–1 on aggregate. UD Songo won on away goals.

KMKM Zanzibar0–2Angola 1º de Agosto
Referee: Ali Sabilla (Uganda)
1º de Agosto Angola2–0Zanzibar KMKM

1º de Agosto won 4–0 on aggregate.

Green Eagles Zambia1–0South Africa Orlando Pirates
Referee: Andofetra Rakotojaona (Madagascar)
Orlando Pirates South Africa1–1Zambia Green Eagles
Referee: Bernard Camille (Seychelles)

Green Eagles won 2–1 on aggregate.

Fosa Juniors Madagascar1–0Mauritius Pamplemousses
Referee: António Dungula (Angola)
Pamplemousses Mauritius1–1Madagascar Fosa Juniors
Referee: Joshua Bondo (Botswana)

Fosa Juniors won 2–1 on aggregate.

First round[edit]

The first round, also called the second preliminary round,[6] included 32 teams: the 3 teams that received byes to this round, and the 29 winners of the preliminary round.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Al-Nasr Libya 2–4 Morocco Raja Casablanca 1–3 1–1
JS Kabylie Algeria 2–2 (5–3 p) Guinea Horoya 2–0 0–2
ASC Kara Togo 0–1 Democratic Republic of the Congo AS Vita Club 0–0 0–1
Enyimba Nigeria 0–1 Sudan Al-Hilal 0–0 0–1
USM Alger Algeria 6–1 Kenya Gor Mahia 4–1 2–0
Cano Sport Equatorial Guinea 0–6 Egypt Al-Ahly 0–2 0–4
Génération Foot Senegal 2–2 (a) Egypt Zamalek 2–1 0–1
Asante Kotoko Ghana 2–3 Tunisia Étoile du Sahel 2–0 0–3
Petro de Luanda Angola 1–1 (a) Uganda KCCA 0–0 1–1
Côte d'Or Seychelles 1–16 South Africa Mamelodi Sundowns 0–5 1–11
FC Nouadhibou Mauritania 1–6 Morocco Wydad Casablanca 0–2 1–4
Elect-Sport Chad 2–3 Tunisia Espérance de Tunis 1–1 1–2
Young Africans Tanzania 2–3 Zambia ZESCO United 1–1 1–2
FC Platinum Zimbabwe 5–2 Mozambique UD Songo 1–0 4–2
Green Eagles Zambia 2–2 (a) Angola 1º de Agosto 1–2 1–0
Fosa Juniors Madagascar 1–3 Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe 0–0 1–3
Al-Nasr Libya1–3Morocco Raja Casablanca
Referee: Lofti Bekouassa (Algeria)
Raja Casablanca Morocco1–1Libya Al-Nasr
Referee: Elsiddig Mohamed Eltreefe (Sudan)

Raja Casablanca won 4–2 on aggregate.

JS Kabylie Algeria2–0Guinea Horoya
Horoya Guinea2–0Algeria JS Kabylie
Referee: Samir Guezzaz (Morocco)

2–2 on aggregate. JS Kabylie won 5–4 on penalties.

ASC Kara Togo0–0Democratic Republic of the Congo AS Vita Club
Referee: Salisu Basheer (Nigeria)
AS Vita Club Democratic Republic of the Congo1–0Togo ASC Kara
Referee: Souleiman Ahmed Djama (Djibouti)

AS Vita Club won 1–0 on aggregate.

Enyimba Nigeria0–0Sudan Al-Hilal
Referee: Jean-Jacques Ngambo Ndala (DR Congo)
Al-Hilal Sudan1–0Nigeria Enyimba
Referee: Eric Arnaud Otogo Castane (Gabon)

Al-Hilal won 1–0 on aggregate.

USM Alger Algeria4–1Kenya Gor Mahia
Referee: Bakary Papa Gassama (Gambia)
Gor Mahia Kenya0–2Algeria USM Alger

USM Alger won 6–1 on aggregate.

Cano Sport Equatorial Guinea0–2Egypt Al-Ahly
Referee: Ahmed Sekou Touré (Guinea)
Al-Ahly Egypt4–0Equatorial Guinea Cano Sport
Referee: Joshua Bondo (Botswana)

Al-Ahly won 6–0 on aggregate.

Génération Foot Senegal2–1Egypt Zamalek
Referee: Beida Dahane (Mauritania)
Zamalek Egypt1–0Senegal Génération Foot

2–2 on aggregate. Zamalek won on away goals.

Asante Kotoko Ghana2–0Tunisia Étoile du Sahel
Referee: Hassen Corneh (Liberia)
Étoile du Sahel Tunisia3–0Ghana Asante Kotoko

Étoile du Sahel won 3–2 on aggregate.

Petro de Luanda Angola0–0Uganda KCCA
Referee: Belay Tadesse (Ethiopia)
KCCA Uganda1–1Angola Petro de Luanda
Startimes Stadium, Kampala
Referee: Ahmad Imtehaz Heeralall (Mauritius)

1–1 on aggregate. Petro de Luanda won on away goals.

Côte d'Or Seychelles0–5South Africa Mamelodi Sundowns
Referee: Celso Armindo Alvacao (Mozambique)
Mamelodi Sundowns South Africa11–1Seychelles Côte d'Or
Referee: Ali Mohamed Adelaid (Comoros)

Mamelodi Sundowns won 16–1 on aggregate.

FC Nouadhibou Mauritania0–2Morocco Wydad Casablanca
Referee: Kokou Ognankotan Ntale (Togo)
Wydad Casablanca Morocco4–1Mauritania FC Nouadhibou
Referee: Sadok Selmi (Tunisia)

Wydad Casablanca won 6–1 on aggregate.

Elect-Sport Chad1–1Tunisia Espérance de Tunis
Espérance de Tunis Tunisia2–1Chad Elect-Sport
Referee: Tsegay Mogos Mogos Teklu (Eritrea)

Espérance de Tunis won 3–2 on aggregate.

Young Africans Tanzania1–1Zambia ZESCO United
Referee: Helder Martins De Carvalho (Angola)
ZESCO United Zambia2–1Tanzania Young Africans
Referee: Andofetra Rakotojaona (Madagascar)

ZESCO United won 3–2 on aggregate.

FC Platinum Zimbabwe1–0Mozambique UD Songo
Referee: Peter Waweru (Kenya)
UD Songo Mozambique2–4Zimbabwe FC Platinum
Referee: Bernard Camille (Seychelles)

FC Platinum won 5–2 on aggregate.

Green Eagles Zambia1–2Angola 1º de Agosto
1º de Agosto Angola0–1Zambia Green Eagles
Referee: Bamlak Tessema Weyesa (Ethiopia)

2–2 on aggregate. 1º de Agosto won on away goals.

Fosa Juniors Madagascar0–0Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe
Referee: Norman Matemera (Zimbabwe)
TP Mazembe Democratic Republic of the Congo3–1Madagascar Fosa Juniors
Referee: Pacifique Ndabihawenimana (Burundi)

TP Mazembe won 3–1 on aggregate.


  1. ^ a b The teams from Egypt were listed as Egypt 1 (Al-Ahly) and Egypt 2 (Zamalek) at the time of the qualifying round draw as the identity of the teams had not been confirmed.
  2. ^ a b Teams from Libya played their home matches outside the country due to security concerns from the ongoing civil war.
  3. ^ Teams from South Sudan played their home matches outside the country due to renovation of Juba Stadium.
  4. ^ The Dekedaha v Zamalek match was postponed from 11 August to 16 August due to Eid al-Adha celebrations.[5]
  5. ^ Teams from Somalia played their home matches outside the country due to security concerns from the ongoing civil war.
  6. ^ The Zamalek v Génération Foot match was originally scheduled to be played on 28 September at Petro Sport Stadium, Cairo, but was postponed to 29 September and moved to Borg El Arab Stadium, Alexandria on 27 September following requests from the local security forces, but Génération Foot refused to play the match in Alexandria.[7] The CAF announced on 8 October that the match would be replayed on 24 October 2019 in Cairo.[8]


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