2020 Constitution Party presidential primaries

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2020 Constitution Party presidential primaries

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339½ delegates to the Constitution Party National Convention
  Don Blankenship Image (cropped).jpeg NOTA Option Logo.png Blank.png
Candidate Don Blankenship Uncommitted Don J. Grundmann
Home state West Virginia n/a California
Contests won 2 1 0
Popular vote 641 397 256
Percentage 33.25% 20.59% 13.28%

  Blank.png Blank.png
Candidate Samm Tittle Charles Kraut
Home state Texas Virginia
Contests won 1 0
Popular vote 199 186
Percentage 10.32% 9.65%

Constitution Party presidential primaries results, 2020.svg

Previous Constitution Party nominee

Darrell Castle

Constitution Party nominee

Don Blankenship

The 2020 Constitution Party presidential primaries were a series of primary elections determining the allocation of delegates in the selection of the Constitution Party's presidential nominee in the 2020 United States presidential election. On May 2, 2020, the Constitution Party nominated Don Blankenship for president and William Mohr for vice-president.[1] Several state parties split from the national Constitution Party to nominate their own candidates.[2]


Constitution Party nominees for president historically have received around 0.1% of the General Election vote.[citation needed] In 2016 with attorney Darrell Castle as its nominee, the party reached a milestone, receiving over 200,000 votes for president for the first time.[3] During the early months of 2019, there was some consternation among Constitution Party members over a perceived lack of candidates for the nomination.[4]

State affiliate disputes[edit]

After the Constitution Party chose Blankenship as its presidential nominee, there was substantial tension among several state affiliates of the Constitution Party over nominating Blankenship, who has been convicted of conspiring to willfully violate mine safety and health standards in relation to the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster.[5] The same day that Blankenship was chosen as the nominee, the Constitution Party of Virginia broke with the national party, instead choosing to back Libertarian Justin Amash for the presidency.[5]

On May 13, 2020, the Constitution Party of New Mexico also broke with the national CP, giving Blankenship's fellow candidate Samm Tittle their ballot line.[6] Tittle was also endorsed by the Virginia Party after Amash withdrew from the presidential race.[2] The Constitution Party of Idaho is reportedly not going to nominate William Mohr For Vice-President, and will instead be choosing their own vice-presidential nominee.[7]



2020 Constitution Party ticket[1]
Don Blankenship William Mohr
for President for Vice President
Coal executive Chairman of the
U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan
641 votes
2 states won (ID, MO)
Don Blankenship 20210 (75220642).jpg

Defeated at convention[edit]

The following candidates received at least 5% of the vote at the 2020 Constitution Party national convention.[1]

Name Born Experience Home
Announcement date
Popular vote Contests won Ref
Don J. Grundmann
March 5, 1952
(age 68)
Oakland, California
Chairman of the Constitution Party of California
Flag of California.svg
August 30, 2019
FEC filing[8]
252 0 [9][10]
Charles Kraut
New York Financial adviser and author Flag of Virginia.svg
October 29, 2019
FEC filing[11]
232 0 [12]
Samm Tittle
El Paso, Texas Independent Candidate for President in 2012 and 2016 Flag of Texas.svg
January 28, 2020
FEC filing[13]
182 1


Map of United States showing sites of Constitution Party presidential debates in 2019–2020.
C2 Boise
C3 Chicago
Sites of the Constitution Party presidential debates (online debates not shown)
No. Date Time
Place Sponsor(s) Moderators Ref
1 February 25, 2020 TBD Online Constitution Party of Texas Scott Copeland
Ricardo Davis
Randy Stufflebeam
2 February 29, 2020 TBD Boise, Idaho Constitution Party of Idaho TBD [15]
3 March 4, 2020 TBD Hilton Chicago,
Chicago, Illinois
Free & Equal Elections Foundation Christina Tobin [16]
4 April 1, 2020 TBD Online Vision 20/20 Randy Stufflebeam [17]
Debates among candidates for the 2020 Constitution Party U.S. presidential nomination
Date State Host Participants
 P  Participant.  A  Absent.  O  Out of race (exploring, suspended, or not yet entered) Blankenship Cummings Grundmann Myers[a] Kraut Tittle Others
February 25, 2020[10] Online Constitution Party of Texas A P P A P P none
February 29, 2020[15] Boise, Idaho Constitution Party of Idaho P P P P P P none
March 4, 2020[16] Chicago, Illinois Free & Equal Elections Foundation A A A P P A none
April 1, 2020[17] Online Vision 20/20 P P P A P P none


Active campaigns
Withdrawn campaigns
Midterm elections
North Carolina primary
National emergency
declared due to
Constitution National Convention
General election
Don Blankenship


  • August 30: Don J. Grundmann announced his campaign and filed his candidacy with the FEC.[8]
  • September 11: Don Blankenship announced his campaign.
  • October 29: Charles Kraut announced his campaign and filed his candidacy with the FEC.[11]
  • October 31: Don Blankenship filed his candidacy with the FEC.


  • February 25: The first Constitution Party debate took place online, held by Constitution Party of Texas.[10]
  • February 29: The second Constitution Party debate took place in Boise, Idaho.[15]
  • March 3: The North Carolina primary took place. Uncommitted delegates win a majority.
  • March 4: Two Constitution Party candidates took part in the Free & Equal elections debate that took place in Chicago.[16]
  • March 10: Blankenship won Idaho and Missouri.
  • April 1: The third Constitution Party debate took place online.[17]
  • May 13: Tittle won New Mexico.

Primary and caucus calendar[edit]

Date Primaries/Caucuses/Conventions
March 3 North Carolina primary
March 10 Idaho primary
Missouri primary
March 20 Wyoming primary
April 18 South Carolina primary
April 25 Utah primary
May 13 New Mexico primary

Ballot access[edit]

Filing for the primaries began in August 2019. Yes indicates that the candidate was on the ballot for the upcoming primary contest and No indicates that the candidate did not appear on the ballot in that state's contest.

Primaries and Caucuses
NC Mar 3 Blankenship-Yes Grundmann-No Kraut-Yes Tittle-No Cummings-No Myers-No
ID Mar 10 Blankenship-Yes Grundmann-Yes Kraut-Yes Tittle-Yes Cummings-Yes Myers-Yes
MO Mar 10 Blankenship-Yes Grundmann-Yes Kraut-No Tittle-No Cummings-No Myers-No
UT Apr 25 Blankenship-No Grundmann-No Kraut-No Tittle-No Cummings-No Myers-No [18]
NM May 13 Blankenship-Yes Grundmann-No Kraut-No Tittle-Yes Cummings-No Myers-No [19]


Date Contest Popular vote[b] Source
Don Blankenship Don J. Grundmann Sheila “Samm” Tittle Charles Kraut Daniel Clyde Cummings J. R. Myers No Preference
March 3 North
March 10 Idaho 250
Missouri 287
May 15 New
Popular vote

North Carolina[edit]

North Carolina Constitution Party presidential primary, March 3, 2020[20]
Candidate Popular vote
Count Percentage
America Symbol.svg Uncommitted 117 41.64%
Don Blankenship 102 36.30%
Charles Kraut 62 22.06%
Total: 281 100%


Idaho Constitution Party presidential primary, March 10, 2020[21]
Candidate Popular vote
Count Percentage
America Symbol.svg Don Blankenship 250 27.59%
Sheila “Samm” Tittle 195 21.52%
Daniel Clyde Cummings 133 14.68%
Charles Kraut 124 13.69%
J. R. Myers[a] 116 12.80%
Don J. Grundmann 88 9.71%
Total: 906 100%


Missouri Constitution Party presidential primary, March 10, 2020[22]
Candidate Popular vote
Count Percentage
America Symbol.svg Don Blankenship 287 39.05%
Uncommitted 280 38.10%
Don J. Grundmann 168 22.86%
Total: 735 100%

New Mexico[edit]

New Mexico Constitution Party presidential primary, May 15, 2020[23]
Candidate Popular vote
Count Percentage
America Symbol.svg Sheila “Samm” Tittle 4 66.67%
Don Blankenship 2 33.33%
Total: 6 100%


  1. ^ a b J. R. Myers is a member of the Life and Liberty Party, but was on the ballot for the Constitution Party primary in Idaho.
  2. ^ In the below table, blank cells indicate the candidate was not a ballot option or approved write-in candidate. Shaded cells indicate withdrawn candidates.

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