2020 Lithuanian Football Cup

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2020 Lithuanian Football Cup
Hegelmann LFF Taurė
CountryLithuania Lithuania
Dates16 June – 24 October
ChampionsFK Panevėžys (1st title)
Matches played32
Goals scored118 (3.69 per match)

2020 Lithuanian Football Cup - 32nd edition of the Independent Lithuania Football Cup. The official name of this year's competition for sponsorship reasons is Hegelmann LFF Cup .

This year's tournament was scheduled to start in April 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed to mid-June.

A total of 33 A Lyga, LFF I Lyga and II Lyga teams are participating. The reserve teams do not participate in the cup competition. The A Lyga teams will join the tournament from the 1/8 final stage. [1] With a view to shorten the competition the teams of lower divisions were not invited this year.

Match and draw calendar[edit]

Stage Draw Matches Teams Participants
Preliminary Round I 3 June[2] 16-21 June 25 17 teams from II Lyga, 8 randomly drawn teams from LFF I lyga
Preliminary Round II 22 June 24-30 June 16 9 winners of Round I, 7 randomly drawn teams advanced without play
1/8 final 2 July 7-8 and 14-15 July 16 8 winners of Round II, 6 teams from A lyga, 2 randomly drawn teams from LFF I lyga advanced without play
1/4 final 17 July 11 August and 11-12 September
1/2 final 15 September 17 October[3] and 20 October[4]
Final 24 October[5]


A total of 33 participants consisted of 6 A Lyga, 10 LFF I Lyga and 17 II Lyga teams.


Preliminary Round I[edit]

The league that the team represents is indicated in brackets.
Note: FK Aukštaitija changed the club's name to FK Ekranas.
Team 1  Score  Team 2
BFA (I) 1–0 FK Nevėžis Kėdainiai (I)
FK TERA Vilnius (II) 2–4 FK Atmosfera (2012) (I)
FK Tauras Tauragė (II) 4–0 FK Rosa Klaipėda (II)
FK Juventa-99 Šiauliai (II) 2–2 (2–4 p) FK Vidzgiris Alytus (II)
FK Šilas Kazlų Rūda (II) 5–1 FK Neptūnas Klaipėda (II)
FK Šilutė (II) 1–3 FC Džiugas Telšiai (I)
FK Ekranas (2020) Panevėžys (II) 1–1 (3–4 p) DFK Dainava (I)
FK Utenis (II) 1–1 (4–2 p) FK Atlantas Klaipėda (II)
FM Ateitis Vilnius (II) 0–4 FK Minija (2017) (I)

Randomly drawn teams that advanced to Round II:[5]

FK Viltis Vilnius (II)
Vilniaus Vytis (I)
FK Babrungas Plungė (II)
FK Jonava (I)
SANED Joniškis (II)
FK Sveikata Kybartai (II)
ŠŠPC Radviliškis (II)

Randomly drawn I Lyga teams that advanced to 1/8 final:

FC Hegelmann Litauen
FA Šiauliai

Round II[edit]

The Round II draw took place on 22 June 2020[6]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
FK Viltis Vilnius (II) 11–0 SANED Joniškis (II)
DFK Dainava (I) 3–0 FK Atmosfera (2012) (I)
FK Vidzgiris Alytus (II) 2–6 FK Minija (2017) (I)
FK Šilas Kazlų Rūda (II) 2–3 BFA (I)
FK Utenis (II) 0–2 FK Sveikata Kybartai (II)
ŠŠPC Radviliškis (II) 1–5 FK Jonava (I)
FK Babrungas Plungė (II) 2–1 FK Tauras Tauragė (II)
Vilniaus Vytis (I) 1–0 FC Džiugas Telšiai (I)

1/8 Final[edit]

The 1/8 Final draw took place on 2 July 2020[7]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
BFA (I) 1–2 DFK Dainava (I)
FK Sveikata Kybartai (II) 0–4 FK Kauno Žalgiris (A)
FK Viltis Vilnius (II) 0–4 Vilniaus Vytis (I)
FA Šiauliai (I) 0–2 FK Žalgiris (A)
FK Jonava (I) 0–3 FK Panevėžys (A)
FK Minija (2017) (I) 0–3 FK Sūduva (A)
FK Riteriai (A) 2–0 FK Banga Gargždai (A)
FK Babrungas Plungė (II) 1–4 FC Hegelmann Litauen (I)

1/4 Final[edit]

The 1/4 Final draw took place on 17 July 2020[8]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
FC Hegelmann Litauen (I) 0–3 FK Panevėžys (A)
Vilniaus Vytis (I) 0–3 FK Sūduva (A)
DFK Dainava (I) 0–2 FK Riteriai (A)
FK Žalgiris (A) 2–1 FK Kauno Žalgiris (A)

1/2 Final[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
FK Panevėžys (A) 4–0 FK Riteriai (A)
FK Žalgiris (A) 1–2 FK Sūduva (A)


The final will be broadcast on TV3 channel for the first time.[9]

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